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29 Las Vegas Speakeasies

29 Las Vegas Speakeasies

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In case you’re newly visiting Las Vegas, let me share our city’s slogan: 

“What happens here, only happens here.”

Because, in Las Vegas, the luxury is unmatched, and the innovation is out of this world! There’s always so much to uncover and explore.

Starting right now with an introduction to hidden bars on the Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas secret places. Vegas secret hotels, secret party bathrooms, the coolest restaurants, and underground bars. Speakeasies. These are, as some say, “The best, worst-kept secrets in Sin City!”

Best Las Vegas Strip speakeasies to visit
Las Vegas Speakeasies List

Find all the speakeasies and secret bars in Las Vegas!

Yes, tantalizing secrets beyond the neon lights. Surprisingly, these hidden speakeasy bars are not even underground. Most are hiding right in plain sight! 

So, I’m spilling all the liquor on where to find these Vegas hidden gems and network of speakeasies. Each offers a portal to an era when clandestine gatherings buzzed with forbidden excitement. Here, amid the pulsing heartbeat of The Strip, you’ll find an intoxicating blend of history and contemporary elegance. 

These hidden treasures, tucked away from the eyes of the casual observer, brim with Prohibition Era charm while managing to infuse a dash of modern mixology mastery. As you step off the well-trodden path, prepare for unique encounters that promise to enhance your perception of Vegas nightlife. Hidden gems that bring forth an unparalleled fusion of the past and the present.

The Mob Museum Las Vegas - During the Prohibition era, patrons were told to "speak easy" about the secret bars in public.

Why do you call bars speakeasy?

A fun fact I learned right here, a homegrown answer from the Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas: 

During the Prohibition Era, patrons were told to “speak easy” about the secret bars in public. Speakeasies received their name from police officers (AKA “Metro,” if you live in Vegas), who had trouble locating the bars because people tended to speak quietly while inside.

So, while prohibition may have ended some 90 years ago, speakeasies are still going strong in Las Vegas! So don’t be surprised when you hear folks on The Strip asking questions like this:

“Hey, how do you find Ghost Donkey?” Or, “Why are so many people waiting in line at that barbershop?” (IYKYK!)

Watch my Las Vegas Speakeasy tour

10 best Las Vegas Strip speakeasies to visit 

Step into history at Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge. Explore the twists at Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den. Ascend in the enigma of Allē Lounge on 66 before singing your heart out at Red Tail. It’s just part of a regular Tuesday evening at Resorts World Las Vegas!

Speakeasies at Resorts World Las Vegas 

Speakeasies at Resorts World Las Vegas 

Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge 

Step into history at Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge and become enveloped by an air of luxury that seems to whisk you back to the roaring twenties! The ambiance is nothing short of opulent, with plush furnishings and a sophistication that only a bygone era could inspire. At the heart of this lush haven is a stunning 360-degree bar, surrounded by patrons engaged in lively conversations over clinking glasses. An evolving soundtrack ebbs and flows through the space, adding a modern beat to the otherwise vintage atmosphere. Subtly hidden within the expansive casino of Resorts World Las Vegas, this exclusive cocktail spot feels like a treasure you’ve just discovered.

Speakeasy Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den 

Within the bustle of Resorts World’s Famous Foods street food court, a hidden portal transports you to an era of clandestine imbibing at Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den. Why not throw a secret bar into the mix? Behind an unassuming shelf is a secret door. You’re met with an unexpected Singaporean flair, where traditional Prohibition-style mixology merges with the rich flavor of Southeast Asia. Elegant grunge surrounds you, where velvets and leather contrast with the industrial finishes, creating a comfortable and stylishly rough space around the edges. It’s this skillful blend that marks Here Kitty Kitty as a standout destination for those craving a lounge experience that deviates from the ordinary.

Allē Lounge on 66 

Perched high above the glittering city, Allē Lounge on 66 offers an air of exclusivity and sophistication. The enigma of this lounge is nestled within the prestige of one of The Strip’s newest properties, Resorts World Las Vegas. This hidden gem provides breathtaking panoramas as a backdrop to its upscale experience. With a strict dresscode ensuring its patrons are as dressed to the nines as the venue itself, the lounge exudes a sense of luxury fitted for the discerning cocktail enthusiast. Prepare to ascend to the 66th floor, where elegance and mystery seamlessly blend, inviting you to a world where the pulse of Vegas’ luxe sophistication never felt more alive!

Red Tail Resorts World

Red Tail 

Imagine mingling in a vibrant space where the high-energy thrum of a sports bar intersects with the intimate exclusivity of a cocktail lounge. Now, envision a place where the clink of glasses orchestrates the backdrop for this upbeat social scene. That’s Red Tail! Tucked away within Resorts World Las Vegas, this spot captivates guests with its unexpected slice of nightlife – the hidden karaoke rooms! Here, behind the guise of a casual hangout, you can uncover private enclaves dedicated to the art of song. It’s an inviting escape, seamlessly positioned in the heart of the city’s buzz, where covert festivity and the spirit of Vegas are at home.

Speakeasies at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 

Speakeasies at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas of Las Vegas is a glamorous revival of speakeasies. Start by unwinding at The Ski Lodge inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (The Cosmo, is what us locals affectionately call it.), then sip from a barbershop with a boozy twist before embarking on Mexican-inspired fiesta flavors at Ghost Donkey Bar. And because you’re being hosted at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – the luxurious location with the most international dining experiences curated inside one hotel, the night’s journey is just beginning! 

Step into the facade of a pawn shop, then follow the cool kids through an unguarded backroom door to immerse yourself in the duality that defines Beauty & Essex. All this ensures you’re trustworthy enough to head over to Horseshoe for some elevated speakeasy fun, where you’ll need to crack the code to unlock the secrets at The Lock.
Learn more about The Cosmopolitan speakeasy passwords in my post HERE.

Las Vegas Speakeasy - The Ski Lodge inside The Cosmopolitan

The Ski Lodge 

Imagine stepping into a little slice of alpine heaven right in the heart of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. This ski lodge-inspired haven offers a welcoming respite with its warm, woodsy decor and flickering fireplace ambiance. The luxurious cocktails served here are crafted with the finest ingredients, reflecting both innovation and tradition to tantalize your taste buds. Complementing the refined drinks, a curated selection of gourmet pizzas adds an indulgent twist to the night. Every corner exudes an air of exclusivity, yet you’re wrapped in the comfort of a snug, intimate gathering place that feels like a world away from the buzzing Vegas Strip.

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails speakeasy at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails 

Imagine returning to an era when cocktails were a craft and speakeasies were a sanctuary. At The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, that fantasy turns into reality! Here, amid the hum of clippers and the snip of scissors, patrons can sip on spirits that pay homage to the world’s greatest whiskey bars. Nestled within the storied walls of The Cosmo, this establishment presents a charming paradox: a front-facing barbershop that conceals a prohibition-style parlor. As you slip through the facade, the scent of pomade gives way to the rich aromas of oak and caramel, signaling the beginning of an intoxicating journey back in time.

Ghost Donkey Las Vegas Speakeasy

Ghost Donkey Bar

Fiesta awaits at Ghost Donkey Bar, a jubilant enclave that celebrates the spirit of Mexico with a focus on tequila and mezcal. Nestled within The Cosmo, this hidden speakeasy bursts with energy, inviting you to indulge in a spirited soiree. The atmosphere is electric, authentically capturing the essence of a vibrant fiesta. Here, among the anonymous might of The Strip, you’ll find a festive getaway, quietly tucked away for those in the know to discover and revel in.

Why do you call bars speakeasy?

Beauty & Essex 

Step past the facade of a pawn shop and immerse yourself in the duality that defines Beauty & Essex, a space that unfolds into a glamorous bar that artfully blends the energy of New York’s Lower East Side with the unmistakable glitz of the Las Vegas Strip! Here, the contrasting elements coalesce, offering an ambience that’s both edgy and opulent. Located in the heart of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, this venue is a testament to the city’s ability to merge divergent worlds into one unforgettable experience.

The Lock Speakeasy at Horseshoe Las Vegas

Speakeasies at Horseshoe Las Vegas

The Lock 

How do you get into The Lock speakeasy in Las Vegas?

Picture this: You stand before a nondescript telephone outside The Lock, a thrill coursing through you as you prepare to crack the code for entry. The anticipation heightens as the phone rings, and you’re gifted a secret password. With this key in hand, you step into another realm of the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino, selecting your passage and easing into the exclusivity that awaits within this enigmatic speakeasy. The adventure of uncovering The Lock adds an extra layer of excitement to Las Vegas’s vibrant bar scene, ensuring your night is as unique as the cocktails you’ll savor.

Las Vegas speakeasies on The Strip

The Cabinet of Curiosities

Bonus tip: The Cabinet of Curiosities, inside Horseshoe Las Vegas, has a hidden VIP room for even more privacy in an already hidden private place. That place is The Lock.

Las Vegas speakeasies on The Strip

Can you keep a secret? 

Here are more Vegas speakeasies and secret rooms to find your way inside!

Easy Las Vegas Speakeasy
Does Bellagio have a speakeasy? The Vault

Does Bellagio have a speakeasy?

Hidden away within Bellagio is The Vault. Seating is limited and reserved only for the few. Although its location is more hidden than other Vegas bars classified as speakeasies, Bellagio’s The Vault’s entrance seems to only be revealed on a need-to-know basis!

Where to look for The Vault? You can look for an inconspicuous door just left of the area of the gaming floor with the casino cage. If you happen to spy a doorman standing in an inconspicuous spot, ask for Charlotte!

Even though Bellagio doesn’t categorize The Vault as a speakeasy, its location is even more hidden than other Vegas bars under the speakeasy tag.

“It’s not on a billboard, it’s not on our marquee out front. You won’t see on the website that this place exists, which is part of the charm.” – Bellagio, Vice President of Food & Beverage

(But The Vault does have a public IG page!)

Las Vegas speakeasies located off The Strip

Las Vegas speakeasies located off The Strip

How do you get into Ghost Donkey in Cosmopolitan?

Las Vegas speakeasy FAQs

How much cash should you bring to Vegas?

Cash? Remember that form of currency?

Post-pandemic, many of the major entertainment venues and slots in Las Vegas were custom-designed and redesigned as cashless facilities and machines (i.e., Sphere, Allegiant Stadium, and casinos on The Strip). Still, the average price for a Las Vegas vacation is about $250 a day, including hotels and restaurants. 

Luckily, in Vegas, vacations are often had without the worry, planning, or price of a rental car. 

Pro tip: Carry less cash and use cards or app payments for quicker and safer spending.

Las Vegas Speakeasy - Park MGM Best Friend

What should you wear to a speakeasy?

Check each “juke joints” website for any specific dress code. While most speakeasies in Vegas are casual, some, like Allē Lounge on 66, request proper attire.

What are the best drinks to order in Las Vegas?   

Vegas’ Minus 5 Ice Bar (a chill bar with locations on The Strip – but not a speakeasy) gives us the skinny margarita on Las Vegas’ fan-favorite drinks. While mai tai’s and specialty craft cocktails may be on your list, these are the top 10 most popular Vegas drinks.

Top 10 most popular drinks in Vegas
  1. Long Island iced tea
  2. Martini
  3. Minus 5 Ice Bar cocktails
  4. Old fashioned
  5. Pink lady
  6. Manhatten
  7. Champagne cocktail
  8. Craft beer
  9. Something from the wine list
  10. Bloody Mary
What are the big drinks called in Vegas?

What are the big drinks called in Vegas?

You’ve likely seen many people walking around the Vegas Strip and Fremont Street with those tall drinks. They’re called “yard drinks” or “yardies” because the large drinking container with its tall neck and wide top measures about one yard.

Nothing to see here, right? 

It should come as no surprise that huge amounts of alcohol – and incredibly colorful alcohol – are a popular choice among Vegas travelers!

Vegas speakeasy tour

Las Vegas speakeasy tour 

I’ve taken you through a winding serpentine path decorated with the hidden treasures of Las Vegas! A journey of history, mixology, and pure, unadulterated enjoyment. From the luxurious confines of Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge to the vibrant sips of Ghost Donkey Bar, each speakeasy has offered a unique slice of The Strip’s vibrant heart, kept secret from the casual wanderer. 

A Vegas must-do on The Strip! Seek out these hidden gems tucked within Las Vegas’s bright lights, and immerse yourself in the covert sophistication of Prohibition Era bars reborn in luxury and whimsy. 

Carry the thrill of discovery and the warmth of exclusive cocktails into your next Vegas escapade! At last call, may these parting words from the underground inspire your returning adventure: 

“Here’s to the adventurers and the night owls – may your spirits be lifted and your evenings enchanted in The City that Never Sleeps. Cheers!” – Shaunda Necole

Las Vegas Speakeasies

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