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Las Vegas Secret Rooms To Find

Las Vegas Secret Rooms To Find

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Las Vegas is known for its bright neon lights, some of which are so dazzling that they can be seen from outer space, like the illuminating lights on the Sphere. However, what many people don’t realize is that Vegas, a town of showmanship, also thrives on the allure of the unseen.

Hence, many visitors find themselves drawn to the city’s hidden hotels, secret rooms, clandestine speakeasies, and even tucked-away disco-party bathrooms—a testament to Vegas’s layered personality.

What you cannot miss in Vegas?

These hidden spots offer adventure and exclusivity amid the bustling Vegas Strip. The thrill of uncovering these gems, ingeniously camouflaged within the city’s landscape, captivates explorers.

These secret rooms embody the essence of discovery, transforming an ordinary night out into an extraordinary journey. This leads me to ask the obvious about my city: What’s “ordinary” in Las Vegas, anyway?

Secret Rooms Las Vegas

Where to find the best secret places on the Las Vegas Strip

Some of the Las Vegas Strip’s finest hotels, restaurants, and bars seem to only be revealed on a need-to-know basis! So discovering the city’s hidden boutique hotels and secret rooms, like the many clandestine restaurants, bars, and speakeasy venues, requires a blend of curiosity and diligence.

The best Las Vegas secret rooms are here:

Secret places on the Las Vegas Strip
Here I am, calling “The Locksmith” for reservations and the secret password to enter The Lock.

Las Vegas secret doors to find

You might need a secret password or an exclusive reservation.

Sometimes, a concealed entrance challenges you to find it.

The quest can lead you through unmarked doors or down unsuspected alleys in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

The thrill lies in the hunt, and the ultimate reward is knowing that you came from out of town and still cracked the code and accessed these covert spaces anyway!

Where is the Disco Bathroom at Resorts World?

Check out the below list of some of the best secret doors in Las Vegas.

Disco party bathroom

It’s a party! And a potty? It’s a Disco-Party Bathroom! A luxe lavatory that combines the thrill of being in a club with the privacy of a bathroom!

Find the Disco Party bathroom tucked away inside Resorts World Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Secret Rooms
Here I am, opening the secret door at Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

Why not throw a secret bar into the mix? Behind an unassuming shelf is a secret door, and behind it, you’ll be met with an unexpected hidden world of Sin—I mean, Singapore.

Find Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World Las Vegas.

How do you get into Ghost Donkey in Cosmopolitan?

Ghost Donkey Bar

The atmosphere here is electric, authentically capturing the essence of a vibrant fiesta! This tiny secret bar is hidden behind an unassuming door that looks like a service door. It seems as if it were reserved for authorized hotel staff only, making it feel like you’re not supposed to go through.

Ghost Donkey Bar is inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The Ski Lodge Las Vegas Speakeasy Door

The Ski Lodge

Every corner behind this inconspicuous door exudes an air of exclusivity, yet you’re wrapped in the comfort of a snug, intimate gathering place that feels like a world away from the buzzing Vegas Strip.

Find The Ski Lodge at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas secret doors to find

The Vault

There’s no website saying that this place exists, which is part of the charm (although they do have an Instagram page). Hidden away within Bellagio is The Vault. Seating is limited and reserved only for the few. 

The Vault is inside Bellagio Resort & Casino.

The Lock Speakeasy at Horseshoe Las Vegas

The Lock inside The Cabinet of Curiosities

Here’s your Vegas secret rooms bonus tip: The Cabinet of Curiosities, a speakeasy bar inside Horseshoe Las Vegas, has a hidden VIP room for even more privacy in an already private place. It’s called The Lock.

Find The Lock inside Horseshoe Las Vegas.

Easy Las Vegas Speakeasy

Easy’s Cocktail Lounge

Easy’s—probably short for ‘Speakeasy,’ is a swanky cocktail lounge disguised as a donut shop. It’s the ultimate destination for those looking for a classic Las Vegas speakeasy experience with handcrafted cocktails and the sounds of live music.

Easy’s Cocktail Lounge is inside ARIA Resort & Casino.

Where is the fake grocery store escape room?

Where is the fake grocery store escape room?

By far the largest secret room in Las Vegas is inside Omega Mart, the real-fake grocery store inside the massive interactive art installation Meow Wolf.

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart is an immersive escape that combines art within a pretend supermarket store aesthetic with secret rooms, inconspicuous doors, trippy passageways, back alley stairs, and adventurous slides! It’s an artistic exploration and collaborative experience for families and adults alike inside Vegas’s massive theme park venue known as Area15.

Las Vegas speakeasies located off The Strip

What is the secret bar in the supermarket in Las Vegas?

Datamosh is just another secret room tucked away inside Omega Mart! Its avant-garde entrance leads to an immersive bar veiled within this venue/art installation. 

What you cannot miss in Vegas?

On your next Vegas visit, I encourage you to seek out the hidden gem speakeasies nestled within the bright lights of The Strip. I bet if you explore with eyes wide open, you cannot miss them. These secret rooms are often hiding right in plain sight!

Once inside, indulge in the secret elegance of Prohibition-era bars reimagined with luxury and whimsy for today. Start inside The Cosmopolitan with my complete list of speakeasies and where to find them!

Embarking on your hidden journey to find Vegas’s hidden gems

These secret rooms, doors, and hush-hush experiences reveal the layers of Las Vegas not seen by every eye. Although somewhat known to every curious traveler who’s heard the city’s slogan, “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas,” these hidden marvels are exclusive slices of the city’s culture and heritage for you to seek out and collect unique stories that are as unforgettable as the hunt to find them!

Las Vegas’s secret rooms add an adventurous and exclusive element to The Strip. These hidden gems are ingeniously concealed, providing thrilling discovery opportunities. Exploring these spaces offers unique experiences beyond the city’s well-known attractions. 

Ghost Donkey Las Vegas Speakeasy

Hotel, bar, restaurant, bathroom, or speakeasy… Which Vegas secret room will you find first?

Comment below and let me know. Then subscribe HERE for more things to do in Las Vegas!

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Secret Places on the Las Vegas Strip