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What To Do On Fremont Street

What To Do On Fremont Street

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What is the Fremont Street Experience?

The Fremont Street Experience is an incredible entertainment and gaming destination, a pedestrian mall, and an attraction in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. With timeless appeal, its blend of historical sites and modern-day attractions creates a lasting charm that defines Downtown Vegas. 

What is the Fremont Street Experience?
Is it worth going to Fremont Street?
Here I am with my “new friends” I met, hanging out along Fremont Street!

Is it worth going to Fremont Street?

Fremont Street in Las Vegas is an electrifying hub of entertainment and attractions, distinctly different from the famous Las Vegas Strip. It’s a must-visit and a pivotal part of any Las Vegas trip!

From the dazzling light shows under the expansive LED canopy that illuminates the night sky to the fearless street performers captivating audiences with their talents, the experiences are as varied as they are thrilling.

What is special about Fremont Street, Las Vegas?

What is special about Fremont Street, Las Vegas?

Fremont Street holds an illustrious spot in the heart of Las Vegas. Also known as Old Las Vegas, Downtown Las Vegas, and Vintage Vegas, this iconic locale has witnessed the city’s evolution from a burgeoning casino town to a bustling hub of nightlife and entertainment.

The area’s trademarks, such as the oldest Vegas hotel, Golden Gate, and the legendary Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, stand testament to its Vintage Vegas charm. 

Where to start at Fremont Street?

Where to start at Fremont Street?

Not to be missed, the SlotZilla Zipline offers an adrenaline-pumping ride above the lively crowds, providing a unique bird’s eye view of this bustling Vegas spectacle. 

Both by day and night, Fremont Street promises a kaleidoscope of activities, from live concerts to street performers and vendors to lively casino restaurants and bars, souvenir shops, and interactive kiosk shops. 

Dancing Gorilla Street Performer on Fremont Street
Dancing gorilla street performer on Fremont Street

The Fremont Street Experience is the birthplace of dancing like nobody’s watching! So, every visit is packed with unforgettable moments and Vegas activities that cater to all, while stretching your budget a little further.

17 things to do and not to miss on Vegas Fremont Street today

Head to Fremont Street and spend the day checking off everything on the bucket list below. You can also consider splitting the list for multiple trips back to Sin City!

Things you shouldn’t miss on Fremont Street

1. Post with the Fremont Street Experience Sign

Downtown Las Vegas has its own version of The Strip’s famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.” Instead, it’s the Fremont Street Experience Sign! Make sure to take a picture with it, because you know what they say… “If you didn’t post it, did it really happen?”

The Fremont Street Free Concert Series

2. Vibe at a free concert

The Fremont Street Free Concert Series entertains with three stages and a rotating schedule of non-stop talent every night. Add Viva Vision, the world’s largest LED canopy screen, and you have one incredible place to have an unforgettable time in Las Vegas!

Ride the SlotZilla Zipline

3. Ride the SlotZilla Zipline

SlotZilla Zipline is a must-do for thrill-seekers and Las Vegas entertainment aficionados. Soaring up to 35 miles per hour, you will experience the city’s vibrancy from an unmatched perspective, flying over Downtown Las Vegas.

4. Dine at Oscar’s Steakhouse

Oscar’s Steakhouse is named after former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. It offers a unique dining experience with the main dining room inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino’s iconic glass dome. The award-winning steakhouse pays homage to Goodman’s reputation as the “Happiest Mayor in the Universe,” boasting itself as “The Happiest Steakhouse in the Universe.”

Walk under the Viva Vision light show canopy

5. Walk under the Viva Vision light show canopy

Along the Fremont Street Experience, plenty of free attractions will dazzle your senses, such as walking under the mesmerizing Viva Vision LED light show, the largest LED canopy in the world!

Watch a game poolside at Stadium Swim

6. Watch a game poolside at Stadium Swim

Stadium Swim is a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts! This rooftop pool oasis sits below a 40-foot-tall high-definition screen. It includes six heated pools, swim-up bars, and Insta-ready selfie walls. Guests can also take advantage of cozy day beds, private cabanas, and hundreds of chaise lounges to relax and bask in the sun!

What is the largest sportsbook in the world? - Circa Las Vegas

7. Bet at the world’s largest sportsbook

Come and be a part of the biggest sports betting experience worldwide at Circa Resort & Casino. Enjoy a viewing capacity for 1,000 people and private boxes for groups. Circa is equipped with the most advanced technology, including a three-story sportsbook that’s the largest in the world, while still providing classic Vegas hospitality.

Play the slots at Downtown Las Vegas casinos

8. Play the slots at Downtown Las Vegas casinos

Downtown Las Vegas hotels and casinos offer a wide variety of sportsbooks, gaming options, table games, and slot machines, all while paying homage to the old-fashioned Vegas style!

Swim with the sharks in Tank at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

9. Swim with the sharks in the Tank at Golden Nugget

The Tank and Hideout pool complex at Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino boasts a stunning 200,000-gallon shark tank aquarium that you can water-slide through! This famous Vegas pool attraction is surrounded by 17 private cabanas across three floors.

10. Visit Las Vegas’s oldest hotel

The birth of Las Vegas occurred when the land for the Golden Gate Casino (previously known as Hotel Nevada) was purchased at an auction at the corner of Fremont and Main Street for a mere $1,750 in 1905! In 2017, Golden Gate expanded, nearly doubling the size of the casino and adding a dramatic entryway to the Fremont Street Experience. This landmark property in Downtown Las Vegas is still thriving today while remaining true to its Vintage Vegas nostalgic charm.

Marvel at the Fremont Street performers

11. Marvel at the Fremont Street performers

Many visitors to Downtown Las Vegas enjoy the street performers at the Fremont Street Experience, and these performers are incredible at entertaining guests! But what many people might not know is that street performers are not allowed to ask for a fee or demand a tip for their performance, including for photos taken with costumed characters. Tipping is customary but entirely voluntary.

Have a drink at Whiskey Licker Up rotating bar at Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel

12. Have a drink at Whiskey Licker Up rotating bar

A Vegas saloon like none other, Whiskey Licker Up’s centerpiece is an open-air, rotating bar! Find Whiskey’s at Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel on Fremont Street. Be sure to have their famous Whiskey Liquor Up boot drink, and you get to keep the boot glass, and the Brown Butter Sour, inspired by restaurateur Jon Taffer!

Pro tip: Adults 21 and over can stroll along Fremont Street with alcohol in a plastic cup, but open bottles are not allowed.

13. Take a pic with Binion’s Million Dollar Display

Since 1954, Binion’s has offered visitors the opportunity to take a take a free photo with one million dollars, made up of over $42,000 in one-dollar bills. The process is simple: stand behind the pyramid of one million dollars with the backdrop of Fremont Street, smile, and push the button to take your photo!

Get your game on at The D’s Dancing Dealers tables

14. Showcase your best moves with The D’s Dancing Dealers

Las Vegas is your playground, and The D Hotel’s casino floor is your stage! Watch these extraordinary table games Dancing Dealers as they showcase their best moves while shuffling, dealing, and dazzling with smooth steps and infectious energy!

Win exclusive prizes at Fremont Dice Club

15. Win exclusive prizes at Fremont Dice Club

Welcome to the hottest dice tournament in Downtown Las Vegas! Win exclusive prizes, such as a fabulous Dice Club jacket when you play craps, and join the Fremont Hotel & Casino Dice Club.

16. Find The Laundry Room speakeasy

This place has “a century’s worth of Sin City scandal and debauchery.” The Laundry Room is a nostalgic hideaway tucked inside Commonwealth Cocktail Lounge on Fremont Street. It’s an internationally acclaimed speakeasy with an exclusive admission process. Only 22 guests at a time are allowed admittance, so the venue’s master mixologists can tailor a unique experience for each guest!

Snap a photo with Vegas Vic on Fremont St

17. Snap a photo with Vegas Vic or Vegas Vickie

A trip to Downtown Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without delving into its storied past. Explore landmark and unofficial welcoming signs like Vegas Vic on Fremont St. and the restored Vegas Vickie inside Circa Hotel.

Or off the Fremont Street Experience, The Neon Museum in Downtown Las Vegas, where the city’s dazzling history lights up through preserved iconic signs. 

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Similarly, the Mob Museum in Downtown Vegas offers a compelling glimpse into the notorious characters and events that shaped Vegas and beyond. These visits will undoubtedly add layers to your Las Vegas trip, revealing the depth of its culture beyond the glitz of Fremont Street’s nighttime allure. 

How much time do you need on Fremont Street?

How much time do you need on Fremont Street?

I’ve spent two decades wandering through Las Vegas, experiencing its new and legacy attractions and absorbing the vibrant energy of the city’s daytime activities and nightlife. So, I can confidently say that you need at least 3-4 hours or half a day to properly absorb all the aesthetics and the vibe of the iconic Fremont Street!

Downtown Vintage Vegas - The Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

This corridor of hotels and attractions stands out as a beacon of Vintage Vegas culture. It offers a blend of historical sites, electrifying entertainment, and a glimpse into the heart of the city’s rooted downtown display. 

For me, Fremont Street is more than just casinos and street performers. It’s a journey through time under the world’s largest Viva Vision LED canopy screen, feeling the rush of the SlotZilla Zipline and marveling at the neon-lit legacy of iconic hotels like Golden Gate and Golden Nugget. 

Do you have to pay to walk down Fremont Street?

Do you have to pay to walk down Fremont Street?

With timeless appeal, The Fremont Street Experience’s blend of historical sites and modern-day attractions creates a lasting charm that defines Downtown Vegas. 

And the best part? You can walk all the way down the street and explore for free!

Fremont Street Experience should undoubtedly be on your list

The Fremont Street Experience

This Fremont Street Experience offers something for every visitor, whether you’re here for the Vegas activities, eager to explore Vegas attractions, or simply soaking in the rich Las Vegas culture. It challenges you to experience Downtown in a way that bridges past and present, urging you to make memories that are as bright and enduring as the Neon Museum’s collection itself. 

What To Do On Fremont Street
Here I am, with my friends, at the Fremont Street Experience!

On your next Las Vegas trip, Fremont Street should undoubtedly be on your list, promising an array of free shows along the way and only-in-Vegas travel tips to enrich your experience!

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