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Partner with Vegas Right Now! – Content by Shaunda Necole

Partner with Vegas Right Now! – Content by Shaunda Necole

I come from a family of caterers, musicians, and entertainers, so naturally, I’ve always been drawn to Las Vegas. After visiting the city as a tourist for nearly two decades, my husband and I decided to make our stay official by moving across the country from coastal Virginia Beach to The Entertainment Capital of the World!”

—Shaunda Necole
Vegas Right Now - Always feel like you won the jackpot - no casino needed!

Content that makes you feel like you won the jackpot!

Shaunda’s content is described as “The perfect balance of everything in Las Vegas—food, fun, and the best travel life hacks that make you feel like you won the jackpot!” 

Shaunda Necole’s media bio

Author, podcast host, and digital creator Shaunda Necole is Las Vegas’s newest spokesperson as the writer behind 100 Things To Do In Las Vegas Before You Diethe ultimate insider’s guide to Sin City (Reedy Press publishing Spring 2025). Shaunda has spent two decades exploring the desert metropolis, from touristy destinations on The Strip to off-the-beaten-path gems around the city. As a resident, she’s plugged into the showmanship of the iconic casinos as well as the surrounding natural wonders and wellness spots that tourists rarely get to know.

She’s the creator of the travel site Vegas Right Now, dedicated to exploring “The Real Las Vegas” from a local’s perspective, and host of the Vegas Right Now! podcast. Shaunda is also the developer of Soul Food On The Strip, the city’s first tour focused on the influence of soul food in Las Vegas. For Shaunda, the lasting beauty of Las Vegas lies in its balance between novelty and flash, soulfulness and wholesomeness, which all make up the exciting city she calls home!

Shaunda’s audience & reach

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Digital assets:

📲 42K MVs (established 2023)

📲 841K MVs (established 2021)

📲 31K MVs (established 2016)

*Shaunda’s website articles are syndicated to’s platform of 743M monthly readers!

📷 Instagram: 111K followers

📺 YouTube: 10K subscribers

📌 Pinterest: 4M monthly views

Projects with Shaunda Necole & Vegas Right Now!

Shaunda Necole is a Las Vegas local with city access, influence, and expertise. Work with Shaunda and trust her decade of experience creating influential campaigns.

Shaunda’s Vegas assets include:

Get exclusive Vegas content with inside access to the area from a local on the scene.

Count on high-quality videos with top-notch production value created by Shaunda’s skilled content creation team.

Lean into Shaunda’s SEO expertise to create search-worthy sponsored campaigns that remain relevant beyond the initial social media scroll.

  • Custom UGC content – A copy & paste of Shaunda’s vibrant content and style!
  • Sponsored evergreen blog posts – Timeless content created with Shaunda’s SEO authority.
  • Brand spokesperson – Shaunda as your brand ambassador.
  • Special event appearances – Shaunda in person, bringing her influence and sharing her expertise.
  • Travel & media tours – Foster curated experiences for Shaunda to share.

Shaunda’s partner portfolio

These are a few of the brands Shaunda has worked with.

Shaunda Necole previous brand partners

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