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Why You Should Visit The Sphere Las Vegas

Why You Should Visit The Sphere Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, often referred to as The Entertainment Capital of the World, never fails to push the boundaries of extravagance and spectacle. It’s a city where the night comes alive with neon lights, world-class performers take the stage, and every visit promises excitement beyond imagination.

And now, in the heart of this dazzling entertainment oasis, an unprecedented marvel arises – Sphere Las Vegas, promising to redefine not just Las Vegas entertainment but the essence of how we experience it.

What is the Las Vegas Sphere?

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What is the Las Vegas Sphere?

What is this new attraction in Vegas?

Designed by world-renowned Kansas City-based architectural firm Populous, Sphere Las Vegas is a 366-foot-tall and 516-foot-wide spherical marvel strategically positioned just a half-mile east of the Las Vegas Strip.

With its impressive size and largest LED screen in the world, this giant black orb has captured the attention of many and pushed the boundaries of architecture, design, and technology. The exterior curve of the MSG Sphere spans over 580,000 square feet, equivalent to 10 American football fields!

When will the Sphere open?

The Exosphere Las Vegas

You probably have the same question many have: What is the Exosphere and how does it work?

The exterior screen of the Sphere, aptly named the Exosphere, can be meticulously programmed to display virtually anything with astonishing clarity. Its visibility extends for miles, making it the ultimate canvas for conveying messages, promoting events, showcasing organizations, or marking special occasions in Las Vegas.

In an exciting event commemorating the Fourth of July in 2023, the city’s latest landmark lit up brilliantly, proudly greeting everyone with the words, “Hello, World.” Sphere is not just a screen; it’s a grand billboard that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

What other Las Vegas Sphere events can we expect? Sphere Experience

Sphere displays vary from an electrified image of Earth to a desolate moon, the red planet Mars, an astronaut floating in space, a gigantic eyeball, a Formula One race car helmet, and a massive NBA Summer League basketball! 

Other Sphere captivating shots that caught the attention of passing motorists were:

  • A huge Halloween Jack-o-lantern.
  • A smiling emoji.
  • A colorful fireworks display.
  • And a rotating American flag.

These screens stretch in every direction as far as the eye can see, blurring the line between the virtual and the real. The images displayed on these screens are so lifelike that some may argue they surpass reality itself, creating an experience that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Who created the Las Vegas Sphere?

A project of Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. (MSG Entertainment), the vision behind the Sphere is simple yet revolutionary: to create an immersive entertainment experience that blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

How much did it cost to build the Sphere?

The visionary behind this technological wonder, formally called MSG Sphere Las Vegas, is James Dolan, a successful sports and entertainment entrepreneur and the founder of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and Madison Square Garden.

Who owns the Las Vegas Sphere?

In 2022, The Venetian was purchased by Apollo Global Management as a new partner of MSG for the Sphere project. This replaced Las Vegas Sands Corporation in the venture. Vici Properties bought the Venetian and the Sphere land upon the sale’s completion.

When did the Sphere open?

When did the Sphere open?

Sphere, another astonishing Vegas attraction, unveiled itself on Friday, September 29, 2023, offering us an out-of-this-world music and entertainment experience. The venue opened its doors for the start of the band U2’s residency.

Sphere Las Vegas

Who would have thought it to be possible?

But the Sphere made Las Vegas even brighter with a star-studded opening night, marking a new era in entertainment as celebrities flocked to the Sphere’s opening red carpet. A-listers including the mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay, Paul McCartney, Jane Seymour, Mario Lopez, and Flava Flav showed up in Vegas to see this new mega attraction that sold out its first concert, occupying its nearly 18,000 seats!

Fans described the build-up for this one-of-a-kind and the only one-in-the-world concert experience as a child-like exhilaration with the need to try and slow down an excited and fast-paced heart beat! Noting that “Vegas does it again!” And Las Vegas is a town that “Never ceases to amaze!” 

How tall is the Las Vegas Sphere?

Sphere’s massive dimensions are truly impressive, measuring over 360 feet in height and spanning a width of 516 feet. This entertainment venue holds the distinction of being the largest spherical structure in the entire world!

How many lights are on the Las Vegas Sphere?

What is the Sphere Las Vegas used for?

Sphere is an event venue – the first of its kind! With its 18,000 seats, it will focus on hosting award shows and music concerts with the next level of experience thanks to its cutting-edge technology. You can also expect sporting events, including boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, product launches, movies, and corporate events. You know, all the exciting live entertainment that Vegas has to offer!

The exterior LED screen of Sphere will be used for advertisements, large-scale announcements, and reflecting the big happenings in Sin City.

Sphere entertainment highly favors concert events because they are most likely designed to use all stage features, including Sphere’s immersive sound. This ensures that the full potential of The Sphere Experience is unlocked, providing an unparalleled audiovisual spectacle that is both immersive and unforgettable.

What hotels can you see this Sphere from?

Where in Las Vegas is the Sphere located?

Sphere is on the Las Vegas skyline, just off the Vegas Strip to the east of The Venetian Expo & Convention Center and south of the Wynn Golf Club. Because it’s closer to the north end of The Strip, Sphere is conveniently located near several on-Strip accommodations.

How many seats are in Sphere?

How many seats are in the theater?

The Las Vegas Sphere’s seating capacity is officially 18,600, but it can accommodate up to 20,000 people thanks to its massive additional space.
Learn more about the best seats in Sphere in my post HERE.

What other Las Vegas Sphere events can we expect?

If you were lucky enough to visit Sphere in its opening days, October 6, 2023, is forever solidified as the beginning of the feature film Postcard from Earth – Sphere’s Las Vegas show. This immersive experience, created by Darren Aronofsky, tells a multi-sensory story. Guests ages 6 and above are welcome to attend.

Dead & Company Dead Forever at Sphere Las Vegas

Sphere shows and tickets

What to expect at the Sphere Las Vegas
Here I am at the Sphere Experience.

Sphere Experience

Sphere is free to marvel at from many viewpoints around The Strip.

For its inside attractions, purchase tickets for the Las Vegas Sphere shows and tours HERE.

Zoo Station U2 UV Experience in Vegas

How many shows will U2 host in the Sphere Las Vegas?

U2’s Achtung Baby residency kicked off live at the Las Vegas Sphere as part of the venue’s massive debut. Since the launch, the venue and the band’s residency have gotten even bigger playing shows from September 2023 to March 2024. – *U2’s residency at Sphere ended in March 2024.

🎤 Las Vegas shows list – Las Vegas entertainment dazzles all year with a variety of shows. Headliner residencies, Vegas-exclusive Cirque du Soleil shows, comedy, and magic acts are central attractions. Exploring the spectrum of live performances enriches the Vegas experience. 
Check out my current list HERE of the best Las Vegas shows!

What is Sphere Las Vegas be used for?

How many lights are on the Las Vegas Sphere?

Nothing beats seeing the Las Vegas Sphere lit up!

This Sphere’s exterior is an impressive engineering feat, spanning over 580,000 square feet, equivalent to 10 American football fields. It boasts the title of the largest LED screen on Earth and is adorned with over 1 million LED lights. These lights can display an astounding range of over 250 million colors, creating an unparalleled visual experience visible from outer space!

What hotels can you see the Sphere from?

Given Sphere’s close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, visitors staying at various hotels along the Strip may have views of the Sphere. For example, you can catch a glimpse of Sphere from the parking lot of Treasure Island (TI), rooms inside The Mirage, Paris Hotel, and more!
Learn more about what hotels have a view of the Sphere in my post HERE.

Where in Las Vegas is the Sphere located?

How much did it cost to build the Sphere?

The Madison Square Garden Company initially estimated the Sphere project would cost around $1.2 billion in 2019. However, in February 2020, the company announced that the cost had increased significantly to $1.66 billion due to design changes that included guest enhancements.

The cost continued to rise and eventually surpassed $2 billion due to the global supply chain crisis from 2021-2023 and the inflation surge of 2021-2022. As a result, the project is said to have cost a whopping $2.3 billion, making it the most expensive entertainment venue in Las Vegas history! 

This cost exceeds the $1.9 billion price tag of Allegiant Stadium, previously the most expensive entertainment venue in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas embraces technology, continually finding innovative ways to grow and expand. Constantly re-setting the bar of what humans can do. Sphere Las Vegas received big praise during its opening weekend, with some describing the opening experience as being inside a giant TV screen!

Why You Should Visit the Las Vegas Sphere

“We do everything. We have the sports, the greatest entertainers, and residency, and now this!” —Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

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