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What Speakeasies Are In The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas?

What Speakeasies Are In The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas?

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Speakeasies have emerged from the shadows of The Prohibition era, securing a glamorous revival in places like The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. These secret bars and hidden drinking establishments beckon with their clandestine experiences, offering more than just cocktails. They echo a time when indulgence in spirits was an adventurous act, adding layers of intrigue and exclusivity to modern luxury and the vibrant nightlife of Sin City.

What speakeasies are in The Cosmopolitan?

Does The Cosmopolitan have a speakeasy?

The Cosmo (what us locals call The Cosmopolitan) has multiple speakeasies spread throughout the property’s multiple levels and towers.

How many speakeasies are in The Cosmopolitan?

At last count, this luxury hotel houses four.

What speakeasies are in The Cosmopolitan?

  1. The Ski Lodge
  2. The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails 
  3. Ghost Donkey Bar
  4. Beauty & Essex 
How do you get into The Ski Lodge at The Cosmopolitan?

How do you get into The Ski Lodge at The Cosmopolitan?

The door to The Ski Lodge is hidden in plain sight and has a small gold plaque with an embossed ski icon.

Where is it? The Ski Lodge is located in the heart of The Cosmopolitan Hotel on level two in The Chelsea Tower next to the Superfrico restaurant.

The Ski Lodge Las Vegas Speakeasy Door

Imagine stepping into a little slice of alpine heaven right in the heart of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. This ski lodge-inspired haven offers a welcoming respite with its warm, woodsy decor and flickering fireplace ambiance. The luxurious cocktails served here are crafted with the finest ingredients, reflecting both innovation and tradition to tantalize your taste buds. Complementing the refined drinks, a curated selection of gourmet pizzas adds an indulgent twist to the night. Every corner exudes an air of exclusivity, yet you’re wrapped in the comfort of a snug, intimate gathering place that feels like a world away from the buzzing Vegas Strip. There’s ‘snow’ place like The Ski Lodge.

How do you get into The Barbershop at The Cosmo?

How do you get into The Barbershop at The Cosmo?

Make your way past the for-real haircuts on The Barbershop floor and enter the “Water Closet” back room door!

Where is it? The Barbershop is on level one of The Cosmopolitan in The Boulevard Tower, just off the casino floor.

Where is it? The  Barbershop at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Imagine returning to an era when cocktails were a craft, and speakeasies were a sanctuary. At The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, that fantasy turns into reality! Here, amid the hum of clippers and the snip of scissors, patrons can sip on spirits that pay homage to the world’s greatest whiskey bars. Nestled within the storied walls of The Cosmo, this establishment presents a charming paradox. A front-facing barbershop that conceals a prohibition-style parlor.

Ghost Donkey Las Vegas

How do you get into Ghost Donkey in Cosmopolitan?

Ghost Donkey’s door is unassuming and looks like a service door you’re not supposed to go through, as if it were reserved for authorized hotel staff only. However, the bohemian donkey is a dead giveaway on the door!

Where is it? Ghost Donkey is on level two of The Boulevard Tower, tucked away inside the Block 16 Urban Food Hall.

How do you get into Ghost Donkey in Cosmopolitan?

The many people who look at this hidden-in-plain-sight door don’t know that a fiesta awaits on the other side! Ghost Donkey Bar is a jubilant enclave that celebrates the spirit of Mexico with a focus on tequila and mezcal. Nestled within The Cosmo, this hidden speakeasy bursts with energy, inviting you to indulge in a spirited soiree. The atmosphere is electric, authentically capturing the essence of a vibrant fiesta. Here, among the anonymous might of The Strip, you’ll find a festive getaway, quietly tucked away for those in the know to discover and revel in.

How do you get into Beauty & Essex at The Cosmopolitan?

How do you get into Beauty & Essex at The Cosmopolitan?

Just past the pawn shop counter, where real jewelry and unique vintage finds are sold, follow the folks who know (IYKYK), going through an unguarded backroom door!

Where is it? Beauty & Essex is on level three of The Boulevard Tower across from the restaurant STK Steakhouse.

Inside Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

Once you step past the facade of the pawn shop (where you can really buy things!) and immerse yourself in the duality that defines Beauty & Essex, you’ll uncover a space that unfolds into a glamorous restaurant and bar that artfully blends the energy of New York’s Lower East Side with the unmistakable glitz of the Las Vegas Strip! Here, the contrasting elements coalesce, offering an edgy and opulent ambiance.
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Beauty & Essex Cocktail Menu Las Vegas

A toast to adventure

In venturing into The Cosmopolitan’s exclusive speakeasies, you embark on a journey to savor innovative cocktails and immerse in an atmosphere of modern luxury and clandestine intrigue. This blend of Sin City indulgence and forbidden charm marks an adventure into the heart of Las Vegas’s adventurous nightlife. Each hidden door and secret sip becomes a testament to the allure of The Prohibition era, encouraging you to uncover these authentically hidden gems. This indulgence, steeped in elegant style and spirited history, isn’t merely a drink. It’s a Las Vegas story waiting for you to discover.
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What Speakeasies Are In The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas?

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What Speakeasies Are In The Cosmopolitan?