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Things to do in Las Vegas curated by a Vegas local

Iconic casinos, secret hotels, world-class entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and stunning natural attractions.

Las Vegas is officially the world’s most popular tourist destination because of its unmatched natural beauty, bright lights, casinos, hotels, shows, attractions, and entertainment.

From the Bellagio Fountains Show to High Roller 360-degree Strip views, there’s no shortage of unforgettable experiences. If you’re into adventure, the Stratosphere Tower offers thrilling rides and incredible views of the city and The Strip from the top.

For art, history, and culture buffs, Las Vegas has you covered with world-class restaurants, museums like The Mob Museum, The National Atomic Testing Museum, Meow Wolf, and The Neon Museum. Or natural attractions like Red Rock Canyon and Seven Magic Mountains.

In Vegas, the luxury is unmatched, and there’s so much to explore, whether you’re an adventure seeker or lover of art, food, culture, or history. Las Vegas has something for everyone!

Does Mariah Carey Still Have A Residency In Vegas?

It’s not just a sweet, sweet fantasy. Mariah Carey is back in Vegas, baby! As an OG Lamb (what she calls her die-hard fans – IYKYK), I was there to experience her debut show back in Sin City. This series of performances celebrates the success of The Emancipation of Mimi album, showcasing Mariah’s enduring impact on the music scene. I’m breaking down why you should see her show… And why I’m considering going again!

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Is Meow Wolf The Same As Omega Mart?

A common misconception clouds many people’s understanding of the relationship between the well-known name Meow Wolf and the name they’ve heard about, Omega Mart. In reality, Omega Mart is not a separate entity, but rather a part of Meow Wolf’s experiential art universe. Once you experience it, it becomes clear that Omega Mart is an integral part of the Meow Wolf experience.

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Is Meow Wolf And Area15 The Same Thing?

As a Vegas longtimer and local, I’m unveiling the mystery and clarifying how Meow Wolf’s unique art installation enhances Area15’s ambiance. By understanding their individual roles and collaborative magic, visitors can fully appreciate the depth of this one-of-a-kind immersive art venue and adventure just a mile from the fabulous Las Vegas Strip!

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What Is Free To Do At Area15 Las Vegas?

Area15 is an out-of-this-world entertainment hub in Las Vegas that offers unique and diverse entertainment options. Visitors can enjoy a variety of immersive explorations and art installations at no cost. However, it’s definitely worth the pay-to-play! Area15 provides unforgettable moments and is ideal for family, friends, and solo explorers.

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