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Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Speakeasy Password

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Speakeasy Password

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Las Vegas thrives on the enigmatic allure of speakeasies. These secret bars, evocative of the Prohibition era, have seen a modern resurgence, inviting adventurers and nightlife enthusiasts to uncover their hidden entrances. Among these, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a 5-star luxury hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, houses many of these exclusive bars Vegas insiders whisper about.

The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan is not a secret hotel with secret rooms. So, unlike other Vegas clandestine restaurants and bars (Spoiler alert!), a Cosmopolitan speakeasy does not require a password! But finding them requires more than luck. It demands in-the-know guidance and a keen eye for the extraordinary!

What are the hidden bars inside The Cosmo?

What are the speakeasies inside of The Cosmopolitan?

People often ask, “Does The Cosmopolitan have a speakeasy?

The Cosmo (that’s what us locals affectionately call The Cosmopolitan) doesn’t have “a” speakeasy. The property houses at least FOUR!

The Ski Lodge Vegas Speakeasy Door

What are the hidden bars inside The Cosmo?

  • The Ski Lodge – The door is hidden in plain sight and has a small gold plaque with an embossed ski icon.
  • The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails – Ignore the for-real haircuts happening on The Barbershop floor and make your way to the “Janitor” back room door. 
  • Ghost Donkey Bar – Its door is unassuming and looks like a service door you’re not supposed to go through…
  • Beauty & Essex – Just past the pawn shop counter, follow the cool kids through an unguarded backroom door!

Learn exactly where to find The Cosmopolitan speakeasies in my post HERE.

What are the speakeasies inside of The Cosmopolitan?

You can start your quest to uncover all four by:

Unwinding at The Ski Lodge.

Then sipping from a Barbershop with a boozy twist.

After that, embark on Mexican-inspired fiesta flavors at Ghost Donkey Bar.

And because you’re being hosted at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – have dinner at a pawn shop (wink-wink). Then, follow the cool kids through an unguarded backroom door to immerse yourself in the duality that defines Beauty & Essex. A full-service gourmet restaurant and bar!

What are the passwords for The Cosmopolitan speakeasies?

What are the passwords for The Cosmopolitan speakeasies?

Yes, The Cosmo houses a playground of speakeasies. True to the hotel’s namesake, it’s a luxurious location with the most curated international dining experiences.

The Cosmo is an enigma in itself, playfully described as “A party hotel masquerading as a 5-star luxury destination!” Yet, there’s no password required for any of the speakeasies here!

Ghost Donkey Las Vegas Speakeasy

How can a customer access a speakeasy?

Finding speakeasies in Las Vegas, especially within the enigmatic walls, doors, and multiple floors of The Cosmopolitan, becomes a thrilling escapade. You can ask the friendly staff around The Cosmo hotel and casino floor. From my personal experience, some folks will know where to find them. And many others won’t.

Or, check out my quick list of tips below for uncovering these hidden doors. Each door opened leads to unique bars offering cocktail experiences that blend curiosity and flavor in unparalleled measures.
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Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Speakeasy Password

The allure of secret restaurants and bars

Exploring speakeasies is about more than just discovering hidden bars. It’s embracing a Las Vegas culture rich with mystery and exclusive experiences. Encountering the speakeasy entrance or deciphering a speakeasy password or code (none needed in The Cosmo) becomes a shared adventure, fostering connections amidst Vegas nightlife’s vibrant backdrop. 

Which speakeasies in Las Vegas have a password or secret code?

Check out my post below to learn more!

Which Cosmopolitan speakeasy will you find first?

Have you been?

Ready to go? 

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Vegas Cosmopolitan Speakeasy Password