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Las Vegas Meow Wolf

Las Vegas Meow Wolf

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Meow Wolf Las Vegas offers an exciting new experience for both local Nevada residents and tourists alike. It’s an interactive surrealist attraction just a mile west of the Las Vegas Strip, presented as an extraordinary supermarket called Omega Mart.

What is Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

What is Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf is the company that created this truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience, appropriately nestled in the heart of Las Vegas. They’re creators of art, although it’s not the kind of art you find in a museum that you can only look at with a sign that says, “Please don’t touch.” 

It seems like another “only in Vegas” thing. But the Meow Wolf experience is also for the taking in other major cities like Meow Wolf Denver, Santa Fe, Grapevine, TX, and Meow Wolf Houston.

It started its immersive entertainment art experience as a small collective of Santa Fe artists. The motive behind this was to create an artistic adventure and collaborative experience for families and adults alike. In my opinion, each Meow Wolf location is like its own theme park where visitors will discover that the art in each city is different.

Are Meow Wolf and Omega Mart the same thing?

How did they come up with the name Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf was named after a collaborative process involving all its founders. At the first meeting in 2008, everyone put two words into a hat and then picked them out at random. One word ended up being ‘Meow’ while the other pick was ‘Wolf.’

Are Meow Wolf and Omega Mart the same thing?

Omega Mart is Meow Wolf’s mind-bending art experience that will leave you amazed! Meow Wolf is the company. Omega Mart is their entertainment location inside Las Vegas’s Area15. Omega Mart is the name of the interactive art exploration by Meow Wolf, and it’s not your average supermarket with your typical products on the shelves!
I go into detail about Meow Wolf and Omega Mart in my post HERE.

What's the story behind Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

What’s the story behind Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

Meow Wolf opened its doors in February 2021 as an anchor entertainment space in Vegas’s Area15, located right off the interstate from the Las Vegas Strip. You may not have heard of it since the term ‘new’ is easily lost in translation in Las Vegas. 

Because Vegas is one of the only places in the world where there’s always something to do. And no matter how often you visit, there’s always something new!

Is Meow Wolf worth a visit?

Is Meow Wolf worth a visit? 

The Omega Mart grocery store inside Meow Wolf Las Vegas has real-fake grocery products and artistic displays featuring hundreds of artist collaborators from around the world.

But there’s another must-see hidden dimension on the other side behind the mart… Trippy psychedelic colors, vibrant light displays, secret portals, and unexpected landscapes make Meow Wolf Las Vegas an unparalleled destination!

What Is Area15 Las Vegas?

Are Area15 and Meow Wolf the same thing?

What is Area15 Las Vegas?

Area15 is a high-end shopping, entertainment, and dining destination that opened in early 2021 in Las Vegas. It’s an immersive experience that combines restaurants, bars, nightlife, and feature attractions into one colossal warehouse with an outside campus. This venue space houses Meow Wolf.
I go into the details of Area15 and Meow Wolf in my post HERE.

What days is Meow Wolf open?

Meow Wolf Las Vegas is open daily, but hours may vary based on weather and special events. Checking availability HERE is the best way to determine if Meow Wolf is open when you want to visit.

Where do you purchase Meow Wolf Omega Mart tickets?

How long does it take to walk through Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

How long does it take to walk through Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

How much time do you need to fully explore all the art collectives and secret portals that make up Meow Wolf Las Vegas? I’d say at least 90 minutes to take in the whole Omega Mart experience with installation-filled rooms and immersive activations. 

Enter here: “What the creators call a parallel dimension with four vast spaces and 60 additional unique environments.” Allow at least 2 hours if you’d like to also look around the Meow Wolf gift shop and Area15.

What are you supposed to do at Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

What are you supposed to do at Meow Wolf Las Vegas?

Is Meow Wolf like an escape room? 

So many questions, all answered here!

Your entry into the feature attraction Meow Wolf is through Omega Mart. But there is definitely a huge “other side” to this fictional reality store! 

Meow Wolf Las Vegas - What will you find on the other side?

What will you find on the other side? 

You’ll explore this remarkable space to find surreal worlds with secret portals, hidden passages, and incredible art-filled landscapes where anything might happen!

Have you ever walked into a refrigerator to pass shelves of cola that lead to a color-changing, light-up enchanted world? 

Better yet, have you ever gone to a grocery store and been invited to take a walk through their refrigerator?

You will when you visit Omega Mart!

So, there's a mystery to the Omega Mart experience?

Meow Wolf Las Vegas FAQs

What story is Omega Mart telling?

Meow Wolf co-founders Emily Montoya and Benji Geary have always been clear about one thing – they never want their art to be boring!

Everyone who enters Omega Mart is encouraged to interact, pick things up, and get involved in the storytelling experience.

Dramcorp at Omega Mart Las Vegas

So, there’s a mystery to the Omega Mart experience?

You’re given an RFID card to help uncover clues to tell the story.

The idea is that upon entry, you’re now a Dramcorp (a made-up mega-corporation) Omega Mart employee, trying to execute tasks to uncover more clues. And to keep the mystery going, you become part of the story!

There are videos to watch, emails to read, and real-life Dramcorp employees (the Meow Wolf team) scattered around to help!

What's exactly going on at Omega Mart?

What’s exactly going on at Omega Mart?

At Omega Mart – there’s mega art! – Get it? 

The Meow Wolf Omega Mart experience is a wildly creative and interactive shopping experience that’ll take you on an unforgettable journey through the imagination. It’s more than an art exhibit – it’s a superficial dimension created by artists that will take you through a world full of fantasies!

When you enter Omega Mart, it’s like walking through an extraordinary supermarket where all products are part of an art gallery. 

Say what?

Meow Wolf describes Omega Mart best, “Nothing’s is real, and it’s all real.”

It is not just laundry detergent and toilet paper that you see on shelves. Oh no! It’s something more. You’re holding someone’s art. Before products hit the shelves, they were conceptualized with love and extreme detail, specifically for Omega Mart customers to deliver an out-of-this-world experience!

Can you purchase Omega Mart products off the shelves?

Can you purchase Omega Mart products off the shelves?

Meow Wolf says their number one question, hands down, is, “Can I buy that?”

And the answer is Yes – you can purchase Omega Mart’s real-fake supermarket products! 

If it’s not bolted down, then it’s probably for sale! But don’t be alarmed by the unusual prices. Need I remind you that there’s nothing “usual” about the Meow Wolf extraordinary supermarket experience?! (i.e., $0.99999999, which is not a real for-sale price, btw )… As the retail sign warns, “Price $hock” is to be expected!

Las Vegas Meow Wolf - What's the mission of the art behind the mart?

What’s the mission of the art behind the mart?

Remember that every Omega Mart product and artistic landscape behind the mart is more than just an item on the shelf or a display. From creative conception to source and creation, it’s someone’s art. Vegas local artist contributions and different artists from around the world are featured here.

Wouldn’t you agree that each creator deserves fair compensation? 

As the Meow Wolf creative directors put it, “Buying the stuff on our shelves actually helps to support crazy, weird artists, which is what we’ve always been about.”

Can you take pictures and video in Omega Mart?

Can you take pictures and video in Omega Mart?

Yes, you can take pictures and videos in Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart! In fact, guests are encouraged to capture the beautiful mind-bending moments and archive them in their memories – and on social media!

Does your whole party need to be together to check in?

Not at all! Meow Wolf guests can purchase tickets separately. But once inside the labyrinth of Omega Mart, you’re almost guaranteed to lose the ones you arrived with! Only for a little while, though. 

What should you wear to Meow Wolf?

What should you wear to Meow Wolf?

Is there a dress code at Meow Wolf?

The website details their dress code as this: “Meow Wolf invites all guests to come to visit us in style and we love when folks show up in creative attire and costumes.”

Meow Wolf’s mission with Omega Mart is the same as their original Santa Fe location. Create an out-of-this-world (and out-of-body) disruptive art experience!

That means participants crawling, climbing, and stumbling upon hidden passageways, secret gardens, and narrow corridors are all intentional! So, for safety reasons (and comfort), I’d suggest wearing non-slippery fabric and clothes and shoes that you can move freely in.

Is Meow Wolf kid-friendly?

Meow Wolf Las Vegas is for all who are kids at heart! 

Did you say a super-sized interactive grocery store where everyone is encouraged to participate and play? Climbing, crawling, and exploring. Kids love Meow Wolf, and Meow Wolf truly loves kids!

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Can you bring a stroller or luggage into the Meow Wolf exhibit? 

Unfortunately not. You should leave strollers, backpacks, and other items in your car. There’s simply no inside parking for strollers and no token-operated lockers inside this Las Vegas facility. 

Las Vegas Meow Wolf

Free Meow Wolf Las Vegas scavenger hunt game!

Is there a scavenger hunt in Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

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What is Meow Wolf in Las Vegas?