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Las Vegas Lakes Nearby

Las Vegas Lakes Nearby

Las Vegas lakes nearby urge you to dive into a myriad of outdoor activities, even if it’s just peacefully sitting and daydreaming. Yes, you’re still in Las Vegas! But while you’re here, why not let the serene lakes of Nevada rejuvenate your spirit and foster a deep connection with the earth’s beauty?

Vegas Right Now! by Shaunda Necole

Get the 2024 scoop on Vegas right now from me,
a local on the scene! 
I’m Shaunda Necole
A food & lifestyle blogger, travel influencer, and author of 100 Things To Do In Las Vegas Before You Die (in stores in Spring 2025). I’m the perfect balance of everything in Vegas – food, fun, and the best travel life hacks that make you feel like you won the jackpot!
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Vegas Right Now Podcast by Shaunda Necole
100 Things To Do In Las Vegas Before You Die Book Preview
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Get The Las Vegas Speakeasy Secret Map!

A local’s unveiling of Las Vegas secret places tourists rarely get to know. Unlock Vegas’s best-kept secret speakeasy restaurants and bars hidden in plain sight!

Las Vegas Speakeasy Secret Map by Vegas Right Now!

About Vegas Right Now!

Shaunda Necole is Las Vegas’s newest spokesperson as the writer behind 100 Things To Do in Las Vegas Before You Die, the ultimate insider’s bucket list guide to Sin City. (Reedy Press publishing in Spring 2025).
“In Las Vegas, the luxury is unmatched, and there’s so much to explore!”
—Shaunda Necole

About Vegas Right Now! by Shaunda Necole