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Mariah Carey Celebration Of Mimi Las Vegas Merchandise

What To Wear To The Celebration Of Mimi – Mariah Carey’s Vegas Residency Apparel Collection

Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas residency intensifies with an exclusive merchandise release, giving pink and gold festive vibes inspired by her show. With Amazon as the official boutique, you can get what you want from this exclusive collection ahead of time to show off your fanfare at the show!

Does Mariah Carey Still Have A Residency In Vegas?

Does Mariah Carey Still Have A Residency In Vegas?

It’s not just a sweet, sweet fantasy. Mariah Carey is back in Vegas, baby! As an OG Lamb (what she calls her die-hard fans – IYKYK), I was there to experience her debut show back in Sin City. This series of performances celebrates the success of The Emancipation of Mimi album, showcasing Mariah’s enduring impact on the music scene. I’m breaking down why you should see her show… And why I’m considering going again!

Is Meow Wolf The Same As Omega Mart?

Is Meow Wolf The Same As Omega Mart?

A common misconception clouds many people’s understanding of the relationship between the well-known name Meow Wolf and the name they’ve heard about, Omega Mart. In reality, Omega Mart is not a separate entity, but rather a part of Meow Wolf’s experiential art universe. Once you experience it, it becomes clear that Omega Mart is an integral part of the Meow Wolf experience.

Vegas Right Now! by Shaunda Necole

Get the 2024 scoop on Vegas right now from me,
a local on the scene! 
I’m Shaunda Necole
A food & lifestyle blogger, travel influencer, and author of 100 Things To Do In Las Vegas Before You Die (in stores in Spring 2025). I’m the perfect balance of everything in Vegas – food, fun, and the best travel life hacks that make you feel like you won the jackpot!
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Vegas Right Now Podcast by Shaunda Necole
Soul Food On The Strip Las Vegas Foodie Tour
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Get The Las Vegas Speakeasy Secret Map!

A local’s unveiling of Las Vegas secret places tourists rarely get to know. Unlock Vegas’s best-kept secret speakeasy restaurants and bars hidden in plain sight!

Las Vegas Speakeasy Secret Map by Vegas Right Now!

About Vegas Right Now!

Shaunda Necole is Las Vegas’ newest spokesperson as the writer behind 100 Things To Do in Las Vegas Before You Die, the ultimate insider’s guide to Sin City (in stores Spring 2025).
“It’s a tell it all about Sin City!” —Shaunda Necole

About Vegas Right Now! by Shaunda Necole