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24K Nights: A Glimpse Into Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Vegas Lounge

24K Nights: A Glimpse Into Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Vegas Lounge

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Calling all my lovelies: Welcome to the glitz and glamour inside The Pinky Ring Las Vegas!

Before leaving the city, I encourage family, friends, and excited Las Vegas visitors to see a Cirque du Soleil show. But… with a disclaimer. Or what you may call “my Vegas show caveat,” which is: Go see a Cirque show unless… Bruno Mars is in town! 

“I believe in excess of everything – except moderation.” These sentiments are shared by myself, a Las Vegas local, and Beverly Hills Housewife, Dorit Kemsley, who said it first. And now this saying rings true for the Bruno Mars experience. Thanks to his Las Vegas Pinky Ring Lounge, you can have your Vegas Cirque du Soleil show and Bruno Mars, too!

The Pinky Ring Las Vegas

When did The Pinky Ring open in Las Vegas?

This gold-trimmed, Grammy-studded nightspot opened on The Strip during Vegas’ Big Game Weekend 2024. Prior to The Pinky Ring opening, I’ve seen Bruno perform in concert 3 times, each show in Las Vegas and always on New Year’s Eve. So appropriately, I was sure to be one of the first to venture into Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Lounge, his exclusive venue inside Bellagio Hotel & Casino. It’s an intimate music venue and cocktail lounge. A beacon and an aura of luxury nightlife quintessentially Las Vegas. Yet, it stands in a league of its own. 

The Pinky Ring Cocktail Lounge Las Vegas

What is The Pinky Ring Las Vegas by Bruno Mars?

The Pinky Ring is a whole Bruno Mars 24K, strawberries and champagne vibe! Stepping inside felt like a time warp to a retro-chic, 70s vibe sanctuary. The air buzzed with an energy reminiscent of a Scarface movie Miami club scene. As my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit space, the first thing I noticed was the intricate vintage decor. Quartz bars under neon lighting beckoned while plush velvet accouterments whispered “exclusivity.” The entire space carried an aura of a VIP experience, with each corner telling a tale of opulence and Grammy Awards glamour. 

How long is Bruno Mars going to be in Las Vegas?

“I’ve been performing in Vegas for years, and I’ve always wanted a place where I could throw glamorous parties when I’m in town. A place that felt like my personal penthouse suite, with live music and sensational cocktails. The Pinky Ring is that.” —Bruno Mars

Gilded with vintage amber, luxurious gold trim, and a spectrum of desert-inspired hues (perhaps a nod to the desert metropolis of Las Vegas), The Pinky Ring stood out as a masterpiece of design and style. Such an environment promised not just a visit. But an immersion into a world where luxury and retro aesthetics blend seamlessly. With every detail meticulously crafted, from the reserved seating to the exquisite cocktail menu. Bruno Mars’ vision of a vintage Las Vegas luxury nightlife experience was unmistakably realized. 

What drinks are served at The Pinky Ring?
Here I am, having an Aiono at The Pinky Ring Las Vegas.

Sipping in style: The Pinky Ring cocktail experience

The moment I laid eyes on the cocktail menu at Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring, I knew we were in for a treat! Bruno Mars himself handpicked the originals. Each drink is an homage to one of The Hooligans band members. Served with fabric handkerchief-style cocktail napkins monogrammed “PR” in gold for “Pinky Ring.” Prices kick off around $20 – a small price for a sip of luxury! The zero-proof, alcoholic-free drink on the menu, “The Phil,” is under $15.

For those like me (and Phil) who prefer a non-alcoholic version, the bartender’s expertise shone through, crafting custom mocktails as vibrant as their spirited counterparts. As we savored the flavors, a trio of complementary bar snacks arrived. One is a sushi-flavor mix and perhaps a nod to young Bruno growing up in Hawaii. There’s no food served inside the venue. However, they bring delightful bar snacks to your table, gracefully enhancing the experience and the essence of the Pinky Ring’s vintage chic and luxury nightlife.
Learn more about the drinks served inside The Pinky Ring venue HERE.

Bruno Mars Pinky Ring Reservations & Seating

Reserved for royalty: Pinky Ring reservations and seating 

In the heart of Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Lounge, luxurious seating options create an enclave of exclusivity and retro-chic allure. The VIP booths, ensconced with plush velvet and privy to the vibrant Scarface Miami vibe, cater to parties of up to eight. These spaces are distinguished by elegant, private velvet ropes, signifying a realm reserved for the elite. For those seeking a more intimate experience, the Upper Lounge offers cozy seating for pairs or quartets marked conspicuously by mod acrylic ‘Reserved’ table plaques. 

This blend of vintage decor, quartz bars, and neon lighting ensures every guest feels like royalty amidst Las Vegas’ luxury nightlife. Indeed, the meticulous attention to detail, from the reserved seating to the rich ambiance, elevates the VIP experience beyond mere expectation. 

Performance Times At Bruno Mars Pinky Ring

Grooving with The Hooligans

Like Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s groovy musical duo Silk Sonic, The Pinky Ring Lounge promised a trip back in time, and The Hooligans delivered exactly that. Dressed in pastel suits with butterfly collars and ruffled cumberbunds, The Hooligans were a visual representation of the era, harmonizing perfectly with the vintage decor surrounding us.

Their performance wasn’t just about the music, though. It was a meticulously crafted experience, merging sound with style and enhancing the luxury nightlife. Exactly what Bruno Mars is famous for. No wonder the lounge has already earned a reputation for offering an unparalleled VIP experience, with custom cocktails and celebrity encounters that linger long after the night ends. 
Learn more about The Pinky Ring’s performance times HERE.

My Bruno Mars encounter at The Pinky Ring

My Bruno Mars encounter at The Pinky Ring

Our encounter with Bruno Mars transcended any celebrity meeting I had imagined. In the midst of the Las Vegas Pinky Ring Lounge’s luxury nightlife, where plush velvet and quartz bars reign supreme. Our paths crossed. Bruno Mars and mine. Unexpected to me. 

Past velvet ropes and dimly lit trophy cases showcasing Grammy Awards, feeling the retro chic and 70s mood engulf. My heart was racing. Suddenly, there he was. The man behind the music and the vibe. Extending his hand. 

I managed to express my admiration, recounting the multiple times his music and live performances with The Hooligans embellished my Vegas New Year’s Eves. His gratitude for our presence at The Pinky Ring felt surreal. When my husband humorously admitted that he knew I’d leave him for Bruno, laughter filled the air. (Even tho if I had the far-off chance, I wouldn’t!)

That moment, under the neon lighting, among the Scarface Miami vibe, was the highlight of our VIP experience. A genuine interaction that forever stayed with us, much like what happens in Vegas. 

Are Phones Allowed Inside Bruno Mars' Pinky Ring?

What happens in The Pinky Ring stays in The Pinky Ring

The ‘No phones allowed’ policy at the lounge did more than just hint at a Scarface Miami vibe. It crafted an enclave where moments are lived, not recorded. This decree, cocooned amidst the whispers of Grammy Awards and the custom cocktails named after each of The Hooligans, ensured an intimacy that’s becoming increasingly rare. Something even exceptionally clandestine beyond a Vegas speakeasy experience.

In a city famed for its fleeting joys, The Pinky Ring carves out a niche where memories are safeguarded by the discretion of Bruno Mars’ exquisite taste. Lucky for you – that’s what he likes. 😉

What happens in The Pinky Ring, indeed, stays in The Pinky Ring, a testament to the timeless magic that only Las Vegas, under the watchful eye of Bruno Mars, can muster. 

Pinky rings up to the moon!

24K Nights - A Glimpse Into Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Vegas Lounge

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A Glimpse Into Bruno Mars Pinky Ring