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U2 Residency At Sphere Las Vegas

U2 Residency At Sphere Las Vegas

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How long will U2 be at the Sphere?

* U2’s Vegas residency ended on March 2, 2024. Check out my post HERE to learn why you should still visit the Sphere.

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U2’s Achtung Baby residency kicked off live at the Las Vegas Sphere as part of the venue’s massive debut on September 29, 2023. Since the launch, the venue and the band’s residency have gotten even bigger.

Will U2 play in Las Vegas in 2024?
U2 Sphere Las Vegas Residency

Will U2 play in Las Vegas in 2024?

Due to high demand, the band added additional shows, extending their residency from December 2023 to March 2, 2024. Each show is an immersive experience, showcasing the legendary band’s music and performance and the venue’s impressive technical and physical capabilities.

What is Zoo Station and the U2 UV Experience in Vegas?

What is Zoo Station and the U2 UV Experience in Vegas?

This one is for the band’s fans! Interact with U2 as only you can in The Entertainment Capital of the World – viva Las Vegas! Part of U2’s Las Vegas Sphere residency is the U2 UV Experience, the ultimate fan experience and a place for fans to engage with the band’s rich music history. Interact in a legit German Trabant car and choose your favorite U2 tune from the car’s radio station, a vehicle U2 embraced when recording the Achtung Baby album in 1981.

U2 Achtung Baby Residency Las Vegas

Then head on to the U2 Pop Up Shop to discover fan-favorite songs, official merchandise, limited edition items never sold anywhere else, special Sphere merchandise, and a photo gallery. Fun fact – the lettering for the U2 Pop Up Shop is inspired by the lettering from the band’s Pop album. It’s a U2 DNA experience curated by the band members themselves with little nuance details their massive fans will point out and appreciate!

The U2 Pop Up Shop is open only when U2 is in concert.

How many seats are in the Sphere in Las Vegas?

How many seats are in the Sphere in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Sphere seating capacity is officially 18,600, but it can accommodate up to 20,000 people thanks to its massive additional space.
Learn more about the best seats in Sphere in my post HERE.

How are seats in the Sphere Las Vegas?

Seats inside Sphere are steep and at a slant, being that the venue is, I don’t know… a sphere!
I talk more about this in my post about motion sickness inside the Sphere HERE.

U2 Residency At Sphere Las Vegas

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U2 Residency At Las Vegas Sphere