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Are Phones Allowed Inside Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring?

Are Phones Allowed Inside Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring?

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What is The Pinky Ring by Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars Pinky Ring is a retro-chic, swanky music venue, bar, and lounge with a 70s vibe inside the five-star Bellagio Hotel & Casino. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see its gold Grammy-studded exterior and velvet rope separating its entrance from the Bellagio casino floor.
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What happens in The Pinky Ring stays in The Pinky Ring

No phones allowed inside Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring

As one of his biggest fans, I’ve seen Bruno Mars perform in concert 3 times, each show in Las Vegas, and always on New Year’s Eve. So appropriately, I was sure to be one of the first to venture into Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Lounge, his new exclusive venue on the Las Vegas Strip.

We made it to the lounge pre-opening night and on the second evening of its grand opening. On day 3 of being open, The Pinky Ring website also began to share its “No phone usage allowed inside the venue” statement online when making reservations.

Like our Las Vegas slogan, the signs inside the lounge state, “What happens in The Pinky Ring stays in The Pinky Ring.” You can bring your phones inside, but as the signs suggest, photography and videos are discouraged.

What kind of purse or bag can you bring inside The Pinky Ring?

Because The Pinky Ring is an intimate cocktail lounge with a one-band stage, it’s different from a large-scale arena like Allegiant Stadium or Sphere. So purses and reasonably sized personal bags are allowed here at The Pinky Ring. You can also keep your phone inside your purse or bag.
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Bruno Mars Pinky Ring Reservations & Seating

What happens in The Pinky Ring stays in The Pinky Ring

The ‘No phones allowed’ policy at The Pinky Ring did more than just hint at a Scarface Miami club-scene vibe. (Check out my post HERE to learn more about The Pinky Ring’s inside aesthetics and vibe!) It crafted an enclave where moments are lived, not recorded, ensuring an intimacy that’s becoming increasingly rare. Something even more exceptionally private beyond a Vegas speakeasy.

In a city famed for its fleeting joys, The Pinky Ring carves out a niche where memories are safeguarded by the discretion of Bruno Mars’ exquisite taste. Lucky for you – that’s what he likes. 😉

What happens in The Pinky Ring, indeed, stays in The Pinky Ring, a testament to the timeless magic that only Las Vegas, under the watchful eye of Bruno Mars, can muster. 

Are Phones Allowed Inside Bruno Mars' Pinky Ring?

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Bruno Mars Pinky Ring Are Phones Allowed Inside?