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What Is The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

What Is The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

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Calling all my lovelies! Here’s your introduction to The Pinky Ring by Bruno Mars.

What is Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring?

The Pinky Ring Las Vegas is an exclusive, intimate cocktail lounge and music entertainment venue with a retro-chic R&B 70s vibe, expertly created by Grammy award-winning artist Bruno Mars. It’s inside the 5-star Bellagio Hotel & Casino.

You’ll know you’ve found The Pinky Ring when you see its gold Grammy-studded exterior and a velvet rope entrance separating the club from the main casino floor. Bellagio describes the Pinky Ring as “A one-of-a-kind cocktail lounge, curated by an entertainer for your entertainment pleasure!”

Do you need reservations for The Pinky Ring?

The Creation of The Pinky Ring by Bruno Mars

Taking you behind the velvet curtain, Bruno Mars conceived The Pinky Ring Las Vegas, seeing it as a jewel in the nightlife crown of The Entertainment Capital of the World! This vision, shared by Bellagio Hotel & Casino, centers on creating an unmatched entertainment realm. They sought to blend the charm of intimate venues with the thrill of live music. Every cocktail tells a story here, ensuring visitors are immersed in an exclusive Vegas experience curated for utmost pleasure!

“I’ve been performing in Vegas for years, and I’ve always wanted a place where I could throw glamorous parties when I’m in town. A place that felt like my personal penthouse suite, with live music and sensational cocktails. The Pinky Ring is that.” —Bruno Mars

What to expect when visiting The Pinky Ring Las Vegas

At the heart of Bellagio, you’ll find The Pinky Ring Las Vegas by Bruno Mars, offering:

  • Live music
  • Signature cocktails
  • An intimate 70s vibe venue setting
  • And sometimes appearances by Bruno Mars and The Hooligans or their celebrity musician friends!
Performance Times At Bruno Mars Pinky Ring

This exclusive experience, enriched by Grammy award-winning talent, sets a new standard for entertainment in Vegas. Here, luxury meets nightlife in an unforgettable curated way, distinguishing The Pinky Ring as a unique bar and music venue. Expect an entertainment pleasure that redefines Vegas nightlife, making it a must-visit on your Las Vegas tours
Learn more about music performance times at The Pinky Ring HERE.

What's on the Bellagio Pinky Ring Las Vegas menu?

What’s on the Bellagio Pinky Ring Las Vegas menu?

The Pinky Ring is an exclusive cocktail and smoke lounge. Although it’s inside the Bellagio, there’s no on-site kitchen for appetizers or meals in the venue. However, the cocktail menu was expertly crafted and selected with original drinks. At least ten unique cocktails were named by Bruno Mars himself after each of The Hooligans band members! There’s also a wine list, beer selections, and non-alcohol beverages that can be ordered by the six-pack.
Learn more about The Pinky Ring Las Vegas menu HERE. 

The Pinky Ring Las Vegas

Planning your visit to The Pinky Ring Las Vegas

Embarking on a journey to The Pinky Ring Las Vegas demands anticipation of an intimate venue housed within the 5-star opulent Bellagio Hotel. Securing a spot in this exclusive venue, celebrated for its live music, signature cocktails, and curated experiences, necessitates early reservations. 

Pinky Ring Las Vegas know-before-you-go resources

What Is The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

The Pinky Ring Las Vegas shines as a beacon among entertainment hotspots, offering a distinct luxury experience. Its lure is a blend of vintage luxe ambiance, curated entertainment by Bruno Mars, and signature cocktails. This fusion positions it as a pinnacle of Vegas nightlife attractions, beckoning fans and seekers of unique experiences. 

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What Is The Pinky Ring Las Vegas by Bruno Mars?