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Performance Times At Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring

Performance Times At Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring

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What is The Pinky Ring by Bruno Mars?

The Pinky Ring is an intimate cocktail lounge and one-band music venue expertly created by Grammy-award-winning music artist Bruno Mars. As its hosting hotel, the Bellagio describes it, The Pinky Ring is “A one-of-a-kind cocktail lounge, curated by an entertainer for your entertainment pleasure!”

A music venue and cocktail lounge enveloped in vintage amber and plush velvet, reserved seating, and crafted cocktails offer unparalleled luxury. A 24K VIP experience, The Pinky Ring is a nod to a bygone era and a journey back in time, cradled in the opulence of modern Las Vegas.
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The Pinky Ring Cocktail Lounge Las Vegas

Is there a stage inside Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring?

The intimate stage at The Pinky Ring has room for one band. A scheduled band (sometimes The Hooligans) plays a live music set.

Like Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s groovy musical duo Silk Sonic, The Pinky Ring Lounge promises a trip back in time, and The Hooligans deliver exactly that. We were moving and grooving to their live music sets, enveloped in a retro-chic ambiance that could only be described as a vivid flashback to the 70s!

What time are the live performances at Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring?

Per the Pinky Rings’s reservations page, live performances start at 8pm PST.

We were there the night of opening day two, when Bruno Mars’ band, The Hooligans, took the stage around 8 or 9-ish, but only after reading the room and discerning when the mood felt just right, playing funky rhythm and blues instrumentals to match!

Pro tip: Ask any one of the beautiful cocktail waitresses when you’re there, and they’ll tell you that The Hooligans perform “when they feel the vibe is right!”

The Hooligans will perform daily for the first two weeks of The Pinky Ring opening. Stay tuned for live performance announcements in the coming months after!
You can check The Pinky Ring’s reservation schedule HERE.

My Bruno Mars encounter at The Pinky Ring

How long is Bruno Mars going to be in Vegas?

Bruno Mars, the modern-day Elvis of Las Vegas, is returning to the Las Vegas Valley! You can catch him in a scheduled concert performance (a Vegas can not miss) at Park MGM. Or catch him on a whim like we did at his nightspot, The Pinky Ring!

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What celebrities have performed at The Pinky Ring?

Opening night of The Pinky Ring happened during Vegas’ Big Game Weekend. During its debut exclusive party, the stage was graced by star-studded performances alongside Bruno Mars and The Hooligans, including Babyface, Janelle Monáe, and Victoria Monét. Celebrities in attendance for the premier live show were Lady Gaga, Gayle King, T-Pain, Kerrueche Tran, Lucky Daye, and more!

Performances start after 8 pm

Always staying true to the retro scene, dressed in pastel suits with butterfly collars and ruffled cumberbunds, The Hooligans are a visual representation of the era, harmonizing perfectly with the vintage decor surrounding you. Their performance wasn’t just about the music, though. It was a meticulously crafted experience, merging sound with style and enhancing the luxury nightlife. Exactly what Bruno Mars is famous for. No wonder the lounge has already earned a reputation for offering an unparalleled VIP experience, with custom cocktails and celebrity encounters that linger long after the night ends. 

The Pinky Ring’s hours of operation are:

Performance Times At Bruno Mars Pinky Ring

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