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What Food Is Served At The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

What Food Is Served At The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

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What is The Pinky Ring Las Vegas by Bruno Mars?

The Pinky Ring is an intimate cocktail lounge and one-band music venue expertly created by Grammy award-winning music artist Bruno Mars. Its hosting hotel, Bellagio, describes The Pinky Ring as “A one-of-a-kind cocktail lounge, curated by an entertainer for your entertainment pleasure!”
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24K Nights - A Glimpse Into Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Vegas Lounge

The Pinky Ring is an unmistakable time capsule of 70s retro-chic glamour. A music performance venue and cocktail lounge enveloped in vintage amber and plush velvet, reserved seating, and crafted cocktails offer unparalleled luxury. A 24K VIP experience, The Pinky Ring is a nod to a bygone era and a journey back in time, cradled in the opulence of modern Las Vegas. Similar to a Vegas speakeasy experience – but unbelievably better!

How long is Bruno Mars going to be in Las Vegas?

“I’ve been performing in Vegas for years, and I’ve always wanted a place where I could throw glamorous parties when I’m in town. A place that felt like my personal penthouse suite, with live music and sensational cocktails. The Pinky Ring is that.” —Bruno Mars

What drinks are the best at The Pinky Ring? The Hooligan Cocktail at The Pinky Ring

Bellagio Pinky Ring Las Vegas menu

What drinks are served at The Pinky Ring?

The Pinky Ring is an exclusive cocktail and smoke lounge. Although it’s inside the Bellagio, there’s no on-site kitchen in the venue for appetizers or meals. However, the cocktail menu was expertly crafted and selected with original drinks.

At least ten unique cocktails were named by Bruno Mars himself after each of The Hooligans band members. Starting with The Mars Mocha, The Skin e-Panda, The Jam, and more! There’s also a wine list, beer selections, and non-alcoholic beverages that can be ordered by the six-pack.

What Food Is Served At The Pinky Ring?

Is there food served inside The Pinky Ring?

Again, there’s no food served inside the venue. However, they bring a trio of delightful bar snacks to your table, gracefully enhancing the experience and the essence of the Pinky Ring’s vintage chic and luxury nightlife! This includes homemade potato chips, and one of the other snacks is a sushi-flavor mix. Perhaps a nod to young Bruno (when he was known as Peter) growing up in Hawaii.

Are Phones Allowed Inside Bruno Mars' Pinky Ring?

Bellagio Pinky Ring Las Vegas menu prices

How much are drinks at The Pinky Ring Bellagio?

Served with fabric handkerchief-style cocktail napkins monogrammed “PR” in gold for “Pinky Ring.” Prices kick off around $20 – a small price for a sip of luxury!

What drinks are the best at The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

Per my husband’s drink recommendation, you should start with “The Hooligan.” It’s a spicy drink made with sliced jalapeño peppers, lime, tequila, Cointreau, and agave nectar with a Tajin seasoned rim.

Although I had the non-alcoholic versions (read on), I favored the fruity “Aiono,” a sexy, long-stem drink made with vodka, lemon, passion fruit, and a gold sugar rim.

What drinks are served at The Pinky Ring?
Here I am, having an Aiono at The Pinky Ring Las Vegas.

Are mocktails served at The Pinky Ring?

For those like me who prefer a non-alcoholic version, the bartenders’ expertise shines through, crafting custom mocktails as vibrant as their spirited counterparts.

Pinky Ring recommended non-alcohol drinks

  • I was able to order “The Hooligan,” a jalapeño, lime, and agave nectar drink without the tequila and Cointreau.
  • And the “Aiono,” my favorite sweet escape at The Pinky Ring. Mocktailed without the vodka, it’s a lemon and passion fruit drink with a gold sugar rim.
  • You can also order “The Phil,” a zero-proof cocktail, for under $15.
  • And there are non-alcohol beers on the menu, too.
The Pinky Ring Cocktail Lounge Las Vegas

What drink will you try at The Pinky Ring?

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Bruno Mars Pinky Ring What Food Is Served?