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Big Game Las Vegas 2024 Things To Do

Big Game Las Vegas 2024 Things To Do

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What is the Big Game in Vegas 2024?

Las Vegas is a city of firsts, and I’ve witnessed Vegas transform countless times from CES to BravoCon to the NBA In-Season Tournament and the Formula One (F1) Race taking over the Las Vegas Strip. Still, nothing compares to the metamorphosis happening for Vegas’ first time ever hosting The NFL’s Big Game. Super Bowl LVIII in 2024! 

*In the spirit of transparency, “Super Bowl” is a registered trademark of the National Football League (NFL). The term is used in this post/on this site as a proper name for informational purposes with no affiliation to the game or the NFL.

What is the Big Game in Vegas 2024?

Big Game Las Vegas 2024

When and where is Super Bowl 2024?

Sunday, February 11, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada at Allegiant Stadium. Kickoff is at 3:30 pm PST.

Who is playing at the halftime show 2024?

It’s seven o’clock on the dot. Where’s Usher?

In his drop-top cruising the streets. (IYKYK.) He’s on his way to Allegiant Stadium because Usher will headline The Big Game’s 2024 halftime performance in Las Vegas! For live entertainment fans of the halftime show, like me, The Big Game is happening at Usher’s Vegas concert!

Is it free to watch the Super Bowl?

This year’s Big Game will broadcast live on CBS and stream live on Paramount+. You will also find CBS broadcasting live in Las Vegas during the week of The Big Game in front of the Bellagio Fountain.

How much are Super Bowl tickets for 2024?

I’ve seen tickets starting at $5,000 and upwards to… you may as well say – infinity! I teased that an any-other-day Raiders Allegiant Stadium $50 seat is now worth $5,000 for the Big Game, at least!
Check out The Big Game in Las Vegas pricing and Vegas ticket packages HERE.

How much are Super Bowl tickets for 2024?
The Big Game Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium
Here I am at Allegiant Stadium for NFL Opening Night to kick off Big Game Week 2024!

Big Game Las Vegas things to do

The city of lights turns into the ultimate arena, beyond the Raider’s magnificent fire-bearing torch at Allegaint Stadium. Vegas as a whole will be brimming with light, energy, excitement, and a palpable sense of anticipation. Revelers and football enthusiasts from around the globe will converge on this desert oasis, seeking to dive into the plethora of events and experiences uniquely crafted for this year’s one-of-a-kind, only-in-Vegas, Big Game experience. 

From the depths of Allegiant Stadium to the vibrant streets lined with Las Vegas events, every corner buzzes with the spirit of the NFL. And it’s not just about the day of The Big Game party. 

Nope. It’s a week-long festival celebrating football, food, entertainment, and Las Vegas nightlife. All the things that make Vegas remarkably famous combined with America’s love for the NFL!

Imagine the thrill of NFL Opening Night, the charm of the Soulful Celebration concert, the laughter at Shaq’s Comedy Jam, and the feasts at Guy’s Flavortown Tailgate. All leading up to the grand spectacle of Super Bowl LVIII. For the first time ever – in Las Vegas!

NFL Opening Night - Media Day

The official start – NFL Opening Night

Allegiant Stadium bursts into life on February 5, 2024, marking the exhilarating start of The Big Game LVIII festivities in Las Vegas. This spectacle, known as NFL Opening Night (formally Media Day), promises an unforgettable experience for football enthusiasts. 

Fans can look forward to an evening brimming with media presentations and on-field entertainment, including the players and coaches from the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers answering questions about everything from The Big Game to, of course, Taylor Swift and the week ahead! It’s your one and only glimpse at the NFL’s two championship teams in one arena before Sunday, setting the tone for a week packed with edge-of-the-seat excitement and anticipation!
NFL Opening Night is open to the public – score tickets HERE!

NFL Big Game Experience

NFL Big Game Experience

Held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on the Las Vegas Strip, the NFL Big Game experience kicks off on Wednesday, February 7th and runs through Saturday, February 10th. It’s s super exciting continuous event surrounding The Big Game LVIII. Tickets are $50 daily, with a local day discount of $25 on Wednesday. Fans can expect an interactive theme park offering participant games, youth football clinics, NFL Shop merchandise, and autograph sessions with players. Plus, championship rings and trophies will be on display. This pop-up experience guarantees football fun for everyone in the family!
Get tickets for the NFL Experience HERE!

25th NFL Soulful Celebration

25th NFL Soulful Celebration celebrates Black heritage

It’s not just Big Game Week. It’s Big Game Week in Las Vegas! And you want to be part of the memories iconic to the moment. Like the NFL’s Super Bowl Soulful Celebration concert, reaching its milestone 25th anniversary in 2024! It’s a momentous occasion celebrating The Big Game Week and the contributions to the game by Black American professionals, athletes, performers, and entertainers. The NFL and the Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee present this year’s commemorative occasion at the Palms Casino Resort. 

Performances include Black music legends Earth, Wind & Fire, and gospel sensations Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin. The event is hosted by CBS’s The Neighborhood stars Cedric The Entertainer and Tichina Arnold. A long-time highlight of Big Game Week, Soulful Celebration blends sports, culture, and Black heritage in a unique celebration. Attendees can anticipate an evening of live performances and tributes that entertain and enrich. 

This momentous event has served as a bridge for years, connecting the past and present of African American cultural tapestry with the NFL’s annual Big Game, which is inclusive of many talented Black athletes. For anyone looking to dive deep into the roots of Black History Month culture and celebration intertwined with the excitement of Super Bowl LVIII, this is an unparalleled annual experience. This time, it’s happening for the first time in fabulous Las Vegas!
Buy tickets for the NFL Soulful Celebration HERE.

Paramount Expedition Vegas

Experience Paramount Expedition Vegas

The Mirage Hotel & Casino is where you’ll find Paramount Expedition Vegas. A 4-day pop-up event with interactive experiences based on Paramount shows and favorite movies like YellowstoneStar TrekDora The ExplorerSpongebob Squarepants, and more! This family fun-filled beacon will be positioned in The Strip’s heart for adults, kids, and thrill-seekers alike, bringing an array of attractions new to Las Vegas to captivate the city’s audience of world travelers. This includes snow-blanketed Paramount sets, a pop-up ski lodge, and a hyper-realistic gondola ride to simulate a thrilling ascent to the peak of Paramount Mountain!

Las Vegas, already known for its entertainment, reaches new heights with this engaging venue that offers a blend of interactive exhibits and immersive experiences. The Paramount Expedition answers, “What to do in Vegas with kids?” and proves family-focused and irresistible. 
Paramount Expedition Las Vegas is free and open to the public – Reserve your spot HERE!

Shaq's All-Star Comedy Jam Las Vegas

Laugh out loud at Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam

Imagine a blend of comedic geniuses set against the backdrop of Las Vegas’ vibrant nightlife. It’s Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam, a much-anticipated event unfolding at Resorts World Las Vegas. Fans from all corners converge to bask in the hilarity presented by a lineup of notable comedians: Earthquake, Aida Rodriguez, Desi Banks, DL Hughley, and host Deon Cole. 

Shaq, known for his larger-than-life personality off the court, brings this superb event to the Las Vegas stage, ensuring an unforgettable experience where you can expect a night filled with laughter and entertainment. This comedic experience is integral to the city’s commitment to diversity during The Big Game Week, promising moments of joy amidst the sporting excitement. 
Get tickets for Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam HERE.

Guy's Flavortown Tailgate Party Las Vegas

Guy’s Flavortown Tailgate Party

Imagine Vegas’ LINQ Promenade, an outdoor town center shopping mall vibe and experience, transformed into a tailgating culinary paradise! But it’s not just your imagination. This is real! Thanks to famous foodie Guy Fieri hosting his innovative Guy’s Flavortown Tailgate Party. It’s a spectacle for taste buds and a pre-game ritual you won’t want to miss. 

Renowned for revolutionizing comfort food, Guy Fieri promises attendees an array of flavors right before The Big Game LVIII. Each bite brings a sense of excitement, mirroring the anticipation for the NFL’s premier annual event debuting at Allegiant Stadium. 

You can expect a menu curated by Guy himself, featuring bold flavors and creative twists on classic tailgate fare for an event filled with locals and visitors for Las Vegas’ inaugural Big Game festivities. Between the themed football field setup, sizzling grills, cheering fans, and on-stage performances, Flavortown exemplifies the essence of the Las Vegas experience and solidifies why this world-famous city is The Food, Sports, and Entertainment Capital of the World!

When and where is Super Bowl 2024?

The Big Game Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium

From its announcement 2 years ago, the world marveled at the thought of The Big Game LVIII transforming Las Vegas into the epicenter of sports. But with over 8,000 event volunteers, primarily Vegas locals with an impressive amount of out-of-state and international participants. Plus, a reputation as The City that Never Sleeps, it’s the other way around. Las Vegas is forever transforming the way The Big Game happens!

It won’t be just another game in another host city. Instead, it’s the culmination of a week packed with unforgettable events. Anticipation has been strategically built to a crescendo, from the electrifying NFL Opening Night at Allegiant Stadium to the spirited week of celebrations woven through the city. 

Among the cornucopia of entertainment Las Vegas offers, Super Bowl LVIII stands as the grand finale, with an impressive anticipated 400,000 plus visitors during the week! This is a testament to the city’s dazzling ability to draw worldwide masses as the hosts of such a sporting spectacle. 

Where can you watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas 2024?

This is expected to be the most viewed and the most lucrative game in NFL Big Game history, with half a million fans coming to Las Vegas for the weekend. Most fans arriving in Las Vegas don’t have a ticket to the Big Game. It’s just fun to be around all the excitement!

Pro tip: I’m honestly not a big enough football fan to have the NFL app on my phone. But with so much going on as my home city makes history during this Big Game week, I knew I wanted to be a part of it all! One of the best apps I’ve used to discover and purchase tickets for Super Bowl-sanctioned events is NFL One Pass.

Big Game Las Vegas things to do

2024 Big Game Las Vegas watch parties on The Strip

You don’t need to attend The Big Game at Allegiant Stadium to take part in this year’s historic Las Vegas once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here’s a big list of the biggest watch parties in Las Vegas, all conveniently located on or around The famous Las Vegas Strip.

Where can you watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas 2024?

2024 Big Game Las Vegas watch parties off The Strip

2024 Big Game watch parties in Downtown Las Vegas

Big Game Las Vegas 2024 Things To Do

NFL Opening Night, Soulful Celebrations, Paramount Expedition Vegas, Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Tailgate, and Shaq’s Comedy Jam are just a few of the many well-thought-out and meticulously planned events happening during Las Vegas Big Game Week 2024. This diversity in entertainment, building up to the NFL’s biggest game happening for the first time ever in Vegas, reminds us that it’s not just about football. It’s a celebration of sports, entertainment, and flavor all rolled into one incredible week!

Fans from all areas of the globe are on their way to participate in this historic event that sets itself apart as a unique blend of Las Vegas’s entertainment prowess with the sheer adrenaline of the NFL’s biggest game. 

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