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What To Wear To The Pinky Ring Las Vegas

What To Wear To The Pinky Ring Las Vegas

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There are so many things to do in Las Vegas! To have the most memorable experiences, start by ensuring you have clothes that make you look good, feel good, and, most importantly, are comfortable to wear!”

—Shaunda Necole

Does The Pinky Ring Las Vegas have a dress code?

The website says, “Fashionable Attire Required.”

That’s what I like! And when Bruno Mars comes to mind, that’s what I think!

Bruno Mars In Las Vegas

What is fashionable attire in Las Vegas?

To give you some context for fashionable attire in Las Vegas, I’ll share what I wore to The Pinky Ring with some more Vegas outfit ideas. These outfit inspirations will be without the designer label prices but still make you feel like you’re arriving in Bruno Mars style with Versace on the floor!

The first clue for what fashionable attire to wear comes from the Pinky Ring’s inside ambiance and aesthetic. This Las Vegas exclusive music venue and cocktail lounge is enveloped in vintage amber and plush velvet. The reserved seating and sexy crafted cocktails swoon unparalleled luxury and a 24K VIP experience.

24K Nights - A Glimpse Into Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring Vegas Lounge

The Pinky Ring is a nod to a 70s chic bygone era and a journey back in time, cradled in the opulence of modern Las Vegas. An embrace of both mod fashion 70s and modern fashion today!
For a glimpse inside The Pinky Ring’s 24K nights, check out my post HERE.

What is the dress code for The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

Taking inspiration from the decor, The Pinky Ring is all about an era of mod fashion, a style in the late 70s reminiscent of the UK’s late 60s fashion, followed by a similar mod revival in North America in the early 1980s, particularly in Southern California. (Perhaps the 70s and 80s-inspired aesthetic in The Pinky Ring is a nod to Bruno’s teenage years in Southern California.)

The Pinky Ring Las Vegas outfit ideas for women

Women might opt for a cocktail dress that echoes heritage fashion, adding statement pieces for a touch of celebrity fashion-inspired glow (i.e., a pinky ring). Together, these elements forge a look that honors tradition while embracing Las Vegas style. 

What I wore to The Pinky Ring Las Vegas

I wore a 70s-inspired mod dress with a vintage polka dot pattern and West-Hollywood-inspired fishnet pantyhose! Then I stepped up the look into modern-day fashion with Dr. Martens shiny patent leather boots.
Fashion pro tip: Living in Las Vegas, I know first-hand that comfortable shoes are a must if you plan on venturing around The Strip!

The Pinky Ring Las Vegas outfit ideas for women

Dress (similar) | Similar long dress | Boots | Blazer (similar) | Purse | Fishnet pantyhose

Here I am in the video below at The Pinky Ring in my 70s-inspired, mod fashion outfit.

*If the exact clothing match is no longer available, here are items similar to what I wore:
Suggested mod dresses | Suggested cocktail dresses | Similar boots | Suggested blazer jackets | Suggested cocktail purses | Suggested jumpsuits | Suggested pants and pantsuits |

What is fashionable attire in Las Vegas?

More outfit ideas: Colorful faux fur coat | Lace shirt/dress | Pink pants | Wide belt (similar) | Purse | Clear shoes

Does The Pinky Ring Las Vegas have a dress code?

Fashion pro tip: I love to turn a dress into a shirt by simply wearing leggings or pants under it! It’s also a great way to recycle summer outfits into winter.

How to accessorize your Las Vegas Pinky Ring look

Blending heritage with modern flair is key in the Las Vegas nightlife scene. Even just a sprinkle of sequin, sparkle, or shine commands attention! Try pairing your outfit with sophisticated jewelry, sparkly accessories, or statement pieces. After all, Bruno is always “Lookin’ for them girls with the big ol’ hoops!”

For an evening at The Pinky Ring, have fun with it and select accessories that resonate with royal fashion inspirations or that sparkle with Las Vegas style. Think: “Put yo’ pinky rings up to the moon!”

What is the dress code for The Pinky Ring Las Vegas?

Statement necklaces | Statement bracelets | Statement earrings | Statement rings | Women’s pinky rings

Las Vegas nightlife attire: striking the perfect balance

Finding that ideal blend between the venue’s time-honored elegance and your unique style will undoubtedly have heads turning at The Pinky Ring Las Vegas! For how to do this, try on my easy 3-step guide:

  1. Start by visualizing: Imagine evening attire that resonates with your individual taste, is fashion-forward, and, most importantly, comfortable for creating an unforgettable experience!
  2. Then, craft a look steeped in your vision, intertwining both regal grace and modern flair, symbolizing both heritage fashion and personal expression.
  3. Pro tips: Consider the sophistication of a jumpsuit, a pantsuit, or a cocktail dress with vibrant, statement pieces championing Las Vegas’s distinct allure.

This style approach will accentuate your presence and empower you confidently as you navigate the sparkling Las Vegas scene. Let this fusion inspire you!

What To Wear To The Pinky Ring Las

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What to Wear to Bruno Mars Pinky Ring Las Vegas