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Inside The Sphere Las Vegas

Inside The Sphere Las Vegas

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In the heart of this dazzling entertainment oasis, an unprecedented marvel arises – Sphere Las Vegas, promising to redefine not just Las Vegas entertainment but the essence of how we experience it.

Because, after all, Las Vegas is The Entertainment Capital of the World! It’s a city where the night comes alive with neon lights, world-class performers take the stage, and every visit promises excitement beyond imagination.

Sphere Las Vegas Event Attraction

Sphere is the most visually impressive theater ever created! It promises to change how people worldwide experience entertainment. 

You probably have many questions about how the Sphere works and where to find it from the Las Vegas Strip.

In my post HERE, I go into detail about the exterior screen of the Sphere, aptly named the Exosphere, which is meticulously programmed to display virtually anything with astonishing clarity. 

What's the best way to get to the Sphere?

Sphere’s visibility is what tourists and Vegas locals like me drive to The Strip to marvel at, making it the ultimate canvas for conveying messages, promoting events, showcasing organizations, or marking special occasions in Las Vegas.

But can you go inside the Las Vegas Sphere?

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Can you go inside the Las Vegas Sphere?

What is inside the Las Vegas Sphere?

A 16K resolution wraparound interior LED screen, speakers with beamforming and wave field synthesis technologies, and 4D physical effects – WOWZA!

What is Sphere Las Vegas used for?

Sphere is an event area – the first of its kind! With over 18,000 seats, it will focus on hosting award shows and music concerts with the next level of experience thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

You can also expect sporting events, including boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, product launches, movies, and corporate events. You know, all the exciting live entertainment that Vegas has to offer!

The exterior LED screen of Sphere will be used for advertisements, large-scale announcements, and reflecting the big happenings in Sin City.

Can you walk to the Sphere from The Strip?

Sphere entertainment highly favors concert events because they are most likely designed to use all stage features, including Sphere’s immersive sound. This ensures that the full potential of The Sphere Experience is unlocked, providing an unparalleled audiovisual spectacle that is both immersive and unforgettable.

Sphere’s first Vegas residency was the legendary band U2!

Sphere Event - Riyadh Season NOCHE UFC

Sphere shows and tickets

Inside The Sphere Las Vegas

How many shows will U2 host in the Sphere Las Vegas?

U2’s Achtung Baby residency kicked off live at the Las Vegas Sphere as part of the venue’s massive debut. Since the launch, the venue and the band’s residency have gotten even bigger, playing shows from September 2023 to March 2024. – *U2’s residency at Sphere ended in March 2024.

🎤 Las Vegas shows list – Las Vegas entertainment dazzles all year with a variety of shows. Headliner residencies, Vegas-exclusive Cirque du Soleil shows, comedy, and magic acts are central attractions. Exploring the spectrum of live performances enriches the Vegas experience. 
Check out my current list HERE of the best Las Vegas shows!

Inside Sphere Las Vegas seating

Are there any bad seats in the Sphere?

Inside Sphere, with 360-degree floor-to-ceiling screens and sweeping views of the stage, there are no bad seats! The main difference in seats will be proximity to the stage.

What are the best seats in the Sphere?

What are the best seats in the Sphere?

Still, some concertgoers express sections 200-300 as the best seats in Sphere because you get the best of both worlds with unobstructed views from floor to ceiling and closer proximity to the stage. 
Learn more about the best seats in Sphere in my post HERE.

Sphere General Admission Tickets

Pro tip: If you have Sphere general admission tickets, you can head to Sphere early to get GA earlier admission wristbands. Consider going in the afternoon. Or, if you’re flying into Vegas, make this your first stop upon arrival. The details will be in your GA ticket email. I bet many people, locals included, overlook this!

What will the Sphere Las Vegas be used for?

Can you walk to the Sphere from The Strip?

Sphere is next to the Venetian Resort, although not directly on The Strip. It has a pedestrian walkway connecting The Venetian to the venue. 

Inside The Vegas Sphere

Do people get motion sickness in the Sphere?

For anyone with vertigo, motion sickness, or fear of heights, you should know that Sphere is very steep inside! It’s easy to get disoriented when you’re in a circular facility with wall-to-ceiling visuals. It can look like the ceiling is falling down on you!

What is inside the Las Vegas Sphere?
Here I am inside the Sphere Experience.

What’s inside the Las Vegas Sphere? 

  • Sphere is open to the public, but to get in, you must have tickets to a concert or The Sphere Experience and show Postcard from Earth.
  • Sphere is ADA-compliant.
  • Inside, there are elevators and steep stairways, and the aisleways are narrow. 
  • There’s seating for 18,600 people, and the individual seats are plus-size friendly.
  • There are concessions on every level.
  • There’s a fast self-check-out service for drinks.
  • Sphere is a no-cash venue – only credit and debit are accepted.
  • Sphere is also a no-bag facility – only small bags no larger than 6″x6″ are allowed in.
Is the Sphere experience worth it?

Is the Sphere experience worth it?

I highly recommend Sphere as one of your top, must-see things to do in Las Vegas. In fact, Sphere is the only venue in the world like this – the first of its kind!

Las Vegas Sphere inside - concessions on every level

Akin to most Vegas attractions, Sphere is high-end, futuristic luxury unmatched! It’s super clean and efficient, and it felt super organized to get in and out. And logistically, there are several ways to get to Sphere, whether you have a car or you’re walking from the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Sphere staff helpful review

True to why I love living in Las Vegas, Sphere’s staff is helpful and fantastic, contributing to a pleasant yet unique experience. They have concessions on every level and people positioned everywhere to help if needed. 

Embracing a transformative experience - Sphere Las Vegas

What do you think about what’s inside Sphere Las Vegas? Comment below and let me know. 

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Inside Sphere Las Vegas