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Las Vegas Lakes Nearby

Las Vegas Lakes Nearby

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Las Vegas, known for its vibrant nightlife and bustling casinos, also harbors serene escapes that lie in its nearby lakes. These bodies of water offer a stark contrast to the usual city attractions, providing serene environments and active opportunities for exploration.

What is the best lake near Las Vegas?

Each lake, from Lake Jacqueline to Lake Mead and beyond, boasts its own unique charm and array of outdoor activities. Whether you yearn for the serene lakes Nevada has tucked away or seek the recreational areas Nevada proudly offers, these waterscapes promise rejuvenation. 

What is the best lake near Las Vegas?
What lakes are close to Las Vegas?

What lakes are close to Las Vegas?

Near Las Vegas, serene lakes like Lake Jacqueline and Lake Las Vegas beckon. Each spot, from the man-made marvel Lake Mead to Desert Shores’ tranquil waters, sings a unique tune of tranquility and adventure.

Each lake offers a spectrum of outdoor activities in Las Vegas, from family outings at Cornerstone Park to wildlife sightings at Floyd Lamb Park. The array guarantees an unparalleled escape into nature, showcasing an impressive diversity of experiences. 

Desert Shores Lake Jacqueline
Here I am taking a picture at Lake Jacqueline.

12 Las Vegas lakes

It’s the desert, baby! The city of Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, so no natural lakes exist. Instead, there are about 12 man-made lakes and reservoirs nearby in the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area, such as Lake Mead and Lake Mojave, which were created out of necessity during the construction of the Hoover Dam and Davis Dam.

Lake Mead, America’s largest reservoir, was created by the construction of the Hoover Dam. With more than 750 miles of shoreline, you can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, take a boat out and explore the vast expanse of water, or nestle into a quiet cove to try your luck at fishing.

What is the largest lake near Las Vegas?

What is the largest lake near Las Vegas?

It’s indeed Lake Mead! Stay for more than a day to enjoy a variety of recreational activities at this massive water expansion, such as the beach, harbors, bays, and cove.

Lake Mojave is situated south of the Hoover Dam along the Colorado River. This lake is famous for its numerous sandy coves and offers a perfect blend of the tranquil Black Canyon and the thrilling open waters, making it an ideal location for a range of water-based recreational activities.

Sahara Lake inside The Lakes community Las Vegas

Sahara Lake inside The Lakes community is a luxurious neighborhood of lakefront homes with private docks sitting on a 30-acre lake with access to boating and fishing, surrounded by breathtaking views.

Desert Shores Lakes

Desert Shores lakes

  • Lake Jacqueline at Desert Shores is the largest of the four privately owned lakes located within the luxury master-planned community of Desert Shores in Las Vegas. Residents can indulge in private boating, fishing, and community-planned activities along the lake, like the annual Lantern Festival. Visitors are welcome to take in picturesque views of the lake’s natural habitat and its inhabitants, which include rabbits, coyfish, waterfowl, and sea turtles!
  • Lake Sarah at Desert Shores
  • Lake Maddison at Desert Shores
  • Lake Lindsey at Desert Shores
Desert Shores Lakes Las Vegas Wildlife

Lake Las Vegas is nestled in a resort community just outside of The City of Las Vegas. It’s a luxurious waterfront destination and a rare find in the desert, with waterfront custom lots just 25 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip!

Can you swim in Lake Las Vegas?

Can you swim in Lake Las Vegas?

The Westin at Lake Las Vegas has a small beach area for swimming and kayaking in the lake. Accessible if you’re a homeowner or property guest.

Tule Springs Lake at Floyd Lamb Park is a welcome oasis with its 680­-acre park with lakes, wildlife, lush vegetation, and views of the Sheep and Spring Mountain Ranges, where visitors can also learn about the traditional working ranch and early Las Vegas lifestyle. 

Aliante Nature Discovery Park is a unique city of North Las Vegas park that has a large man-made lake and waterfall, walking paths, a multi-story playground unit, amphitheater, sports fields, and a nature discovery area with a dinosaur theme.

Lorenzi Park is a registered North Las Vegas Historic Property. Its centerpiece is twin lakes where visitors can fish with a license from the Nevada Department of Wildlife. It’s also a popular destination for hosting special events.

Cornerstone Park is a recreational area in the city of Henderson that offers a lake, walking trails, sports areas, picnic shelters, public art, and open grass areas.

Activities at Las Vegas lakes

Enjoying activities at Las Vegas lakes

Las Vegas lakes beckon with a variety of activities for everyone.

  • Swim – Imagine swimming at Lake Mead’s Boulder Beach.
  • Hike Or even hiking around the rugged landscapes of Lake Mead’s South Cove, where trails wind through vast natural vistas. 
  • Camp – How about camping under the stars? Lake Las Vegas offers a peaceful retreat within the serene embrace of nature.
  • Birdwatch – For those who delight in the details of the natural world, birdwatching at Floyd Lamb Park presents an unmatched opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Picnic – Family picnics by the tranquil waters of Lake Jacqueline become timeless memories, set against the backdrop of Disney-esque ducks and playful geese!
Exploring “The other Las Vegas!”

Exploring “The other Las Vegas!”

Las Vegas lakes nearby urge you to dive into a myriad of outdoor activities, even if it’s just peacefully sitting and daydreaming or watching the sunset.

Yes, you’re still in Las Vegas! But while you’re here, why not let the serene lakes of Nevada rejuvenate your spirit and foster a deep connection with the earth’s beauty? 

It’s part of the city locals love, and tourists rarely get to know. The serene side of Las Vegas, far removed from the casino floors and slot machines. In embracing these tranquil escapes, we find not only peace but a deeper appreciation of the world around us. 

Las Vegas Lakes Nearby

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Vegas Lakes Nearby