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What is the Las Vegas Sphere?

In the heart of the dazzling Las Vegas entertainment oasis, an unprecedented marvel arises—Sphere Las Vegas, promising to redefine not just Las Vegas entertainment but also the essence of how we experience it.

366-foot-tall and 516-foot-wide. A spherical marvel strategically positioned just a half-mile east of the Las Vegas Strip.

With its impressive size and largest LED screen in the world, this giant black orb has captured the attention of many and pushed the boundaries of architecture, design, and technology. The exterior curve of the MSG Sphere spans over 580,000 square feet, equivalent to 10 American football fields!

Las Vegas, often called The Entertainment Capital of the World, never fails to push the boundaries of extravagance and spectacle. Who would have thought it to be possible? But the Sphere made Las Vegas even brighter!


Best Seats In The Sphere Las Vegas

Unlike any other venue in the world, all the seats inside Sphere are designed to allow you to ‘feel’ the performance and become immersed in the aesthetics surrounding you. With a seating capacity that varies, depending on whether the event is seated or standing. Still, you have choices for where you’re positioned for your overall experience. 

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