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Best Seats In The Sphere Las Vegas

Best Seats In The Sphere Las Vegas

I’ve discovered that you really can’t choose a bad seat when visiting the Las Vegas Sphere. Inside the Sphere, you’ll find a combination of a massive 16K resolution LED screen that wraps around the audience, cutting-edge 4D features, and haptic technology in certain seats that create an immersive environment unlike any other!

Unlike any other venue in the world, all the seats inside Sphere are designed to allow you to ‘feel’ the performance and become immersed in the aesthetics surrounding you. With a seating capacity that varies, depending on whether the event is seated or standing. Still, you have choices for where you’re positioned for your overall experience. 

What seats are best at the Sphere?

How many seats are in the Sphere?

The Las Vegas Sphere’s grandeur is undeniable! Thanks to its massive additional space, it can accommodate 18,600 guests seated, and up to 20,000 standing.

Is there a bad seat in the Sphere?

Inside Sphere, with 360-degree floor-to-ceiling screens and sweeping views of the stage, there are no bad seats! The main difference in seats will be proximity to the stage.

Also, for my mathematicians out there, I wanted to clarify that the screen inside Sphere does not cover the full 360 degrees as it does not continue all the way around behind the seating.

What seats are best at the Sphere?

What seats are best at the Sphere?

  • The Director’s Seats tickets at Sphere tout that the very best seats in the house are in the middle of the venue in section 306 saying the show experience here is like looking through the director’s camera lens.
  • Still, some concertgoers express sections 200-300 as the best seats in Sphere because you get the best of both worlds with unobstructed views from floor to ceiling and closer proximity to the stage. 
  • Even more granular, folks have identified section numbers ending in five, six, and seven of the 200, 300, and 400 levels as the best seats (i.e., 205, 206, 207, 305, 306, 307, 405, 406, or 407).
Best seat sections at the Sphere

What is general admission at Sphere?

Can you stand at the Sphere? Yes, ticket holders in general admission (GA) have non-assigned seats/standing floor access to concerts in Sphere. From my experience, GA might be the best option for the full Sphere experience, and here’s why:

Inside The Vegas Sphere

Is general admission standing good?

  • Sphere seating is very steep! Something you don’t have to worry about in GA.
  • You can get quite close to the stage in general admission.
  • Based on the U2 concert experience, there were no mobs in GA. None at all. 
  • And there’s plenty of room to sing and dance and be with other concert enthusiasts or your group!

Looking up from the general admission section, it seems like it’d be awkward to stand up and dance in the seating rows because of the steep seating angle, especially as you go higher up. (Hello! The seating is built inside a sphere). It was also odd to see people sitting during a U2 rock concert!

How does general admission work at the Sphere?

How does general admission work at the Sphere?

Pro tip: If you have Sphere general admission tickets, you can head to Sphere early to get GA earlier admission wristbands. Consider going in the afternoon. Or, if you’re flying into Vegas, make this your first stop upon arrival. The details will be in your GA ticket email. I bet many people, locals included, overlook this!

Do the seats move in the Sphere Las Vegas?

Sphere seats are equipped with haptic technology to immerse you in the event unfolding at the Sphere by letting you feel the excitement. This ingenious use of vibrations and movements enhances live performances, so events and shows, like The Sphere Experience show Postcard from Earth, are met with a multi-sensory journey.

Vegas Sphere Motion Sickness

Do people get motion sickness in the Sphere Las Vegas?

Seated or standing, motion sickness emerges when what you see and what your body feels are out of sync, especially in immersive environments like Sphere.

I share more about this with tips for how to handle motion sickness at Sphere in my post HERE, as well as tips for mitigating a fear of heights at Sphere HERE.

Best Seats In The Sphere Las Vegas

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What seats are best at the Sphere?


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