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Things To Do In Las Vegas In April

Things To Do In Las Vegas In April

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Is April a good time to visit Las Vegas?

April 2024 in Las Vegas promises an eclectic array of entertainment options. Visitors can expect a lineup filled with concerts at renowned venues like Planet Hollywood, Park MGM, and T-Mobile Arena, featuring headliners such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Garth Brooks.

Laughter fills the air with big-name comedy shows at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club, ensuring a mix of melodies and humor to suit every taste. Musical festivals like Reggae in the Desert fill the air with Caribbean music and food, transforming the city into a central hub for arts and performances.

Is April a good time to visit Las Vegas?
Las Vegas things to do in April

How hot is Vegas in April?

What to pack for Vegas? Bring your bathing suits, sundresses, shorts, and a light night jacket. The weather in Vegas is some of our city’s finest!

Las Vegas weather in April in degrees

  • Average temperature – 81 degrees F
  • High – the average high temperature is 85 degrees F
  • Low – the average low is about 45 degrees F
  • Check the weather in Las Vegas HERE.

The average temperature is in the mid-80s. And since Las Vegas is the desert, there is rarely any humidity, so you can be outdoors in summer attire without breaking a sweat. Vegas weather in April is perfect for anything outdoors. So, of course, Vegas pools!

Is it pool weather in Vegas in April?

Is it pool weather in Vegas in April?

March ushered in pool season, and in April the Vegas pool day parties are well underway! But April in Las Vegas isn’t just about dazzling pool water, shows, and casinos. The great outdoors calls for adventure too!

Engaging in activities like Emerald Cave kayak tours, a Hoover Dam tour, or sunset horseback riding at sunset reveals a side of Vegas many visitors miss. These experiences offer breathtaking views and a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

April in Las Vegas offers the ideal time and temperature to embrace the balance of vibrant entertainment with the serene beauty of nature, ensuring your visit is both exhilarating and rejuvenating. 

Who is appearing in Las Vegas in April?

Who is appearing in Las Vegas in April?

In April in Las Vegas, the famous Las Vegas Strip transforms with an electrifying atmosphere as new additions to the city’s top-tier artists and entertainers grace the scene. You’ve likely eyed a concert by Miranda Lambert, music and comedy together with Toni Braxton and Cedric The Entertainer, or laughed at a quip by Luenell.

Check out my list of the best shows in Las Vegas below.

🎤 Las Vegas shows list – Las Vegas entertainment dazzles all year with a variety of shows. Headliner residencies, Vegas-exclusive Cirque du Soleil shows, comedy, and magic acts are central attractions. Exploring the spectrum of live performances enriches the Vegas experience. 
Check out my current list HERE of the best Las Vegas shows!

Las Vegas in April awe-inspiring things to do

Southern Nevada Vintage Market Days

April in Vegas beyond the neon lights

Las Vegas in April unfurls a tapestry of experiences unlike any other, a vivid mosaic of entertainment that caters to every whim and fancy. Top-billing concerts in Las Vegas, like those by Smokey Robinson, B-52s, or a together performance by Tamia & Joe, promise evenings brimming with melody and magic. Comedy shows, led by the hilarious Eddie Griffin, offer laughter under the glitzy lights of venues such as Planet Hollywood and Park MGM.

Las Vegas in April awe-inspiring things to do

Beyond the stages and slots, even more Las Vegas adventures await! The heart of Las Vegas beats not just in the grandiose and glamorous but also in the whispers of the city’s lesser-known jewels.

April in Vegas is a beckoning to delve beyond the neon lights, to explore both the illustrious and the intimate, carving out memories that linger long after the desert sunsets.

Things To Do In Las Vegas In April

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Things To Do In Vegas In April