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What Is Area15 Las Vegas?

What Is Area15 Las Vegas?

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Family and friends visiting Vegas often ask me, “Would someone please explain about Area15? Is it fun? What can you do there?

I’ve answered these questions so many times that I created this detailed post with lots of pictures to easily share with anyone asking. Smart!

What is Area15?

What is Area15?

Area15 (also spelled Area 15 and AREA15) isn’t just another item on a list of Las Vegas attractions. Nope! It’s a one-of-a-kind venue where the essence of immersive playgrounds, unique gift ideas, and unforgettable dining experiences converge, just one mile west of the Las Vegas Strip.

An immersive entertainment district that redefines what an urban experience can be. This place, often called an urban Burning Man mall, seamlessly combines retro vibes with futuristic visions. 

Area15 Las Vegas - an urban Burning Man
Me here having a good time at Area15 Las Vegas.

You have the luxury of exploring this district for free, stepping into an array of worlds where the only limit is your imagination. And when you’re ready for a deeper dive, ticketed experiences unlock realms beyond the ordinary!

So, what is the story behind Area15?

So, what is the story behind Area15?

Area15 is a unique project initiated by Fisher Brothers and Beneville Studios to introduce a fresh and innovative concept in Las Vegas to compete with the famous Strip. The project idea became an entertainment and retail complex with a science-fiction theme chosen after carefully considering various creative options.

Can you host a party at Area15 Vegas?

The finished project is an immersive entertainment and dining destination that opened in Vegas in early 2021. Area15 combines restaurants, bars, and nightlife into one colossal warehouse with an outside campus.

Inside Area15, you’ll find art installations, an indoor golf experience, a zipline, dueling axes, featured attraction Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, and so much more! 

Are Area15 and Meow Wolf the same thing?

Are Area15 and Meow Wolf the same thing?

Area15 is the campus, the entertainment shopping center, and the venue. Meow Wolf is one of the featured attractions in the shopping center.
I go into detail about Meow Wolf and Area15 in my post HERE.

Is Area15 for kids?

Yes, the venue has adult, kid, and family-friendly attractions.

What hotels are near Area15?

Where is Area15 in Las Vegas?

Is Area15 on The Strip? 

Although not on The Strip, you’ll quickly find Area15, just a little over a mile from the Las Vegas Strip and right off the interstate parallel to The Strip, US-95. 
Area15 Las Vegas – 3215 S. Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89102

How much does it cost to go to Area15?

How much does it cost to go to Area15?

Is Area15 free?

  • General admission is mostly free! Doors open daily, inviting explorers of all ages. 
  • Only on Friday and Saturday, an entry fee kicks in after 9 PM, setting you back a mere $15 if you’re 18 or older.
  • Every day, an Entry Pass is required for all guests visiting Area15.
  • Entry Passes are NOT required for pre-booked tickets or reservations for an Area15 event or experience.
  • Get Entry Passes before you arrive HERE.
Area15 Las Vegas Birdly

Once you’re inside, you can buy tickets for the different exhibits and attractions as per your choices and preferences. 

I’m a fan of buying tickets online and ahead of your entry to guarantee your spot for the wonderfully weird and diverse experiences inside Area15. And most of the attractions offer discounts for Nevada residents and the military, too!

When is Area15 open?

When is Area15 open?

Seven days a week. You can visit on weekdays or weekends, whatever suits you best! 

How long do you spend at Area15?

With so many things to do at Area15, you could easily spend a couple of hours at one attraction or have a full day of interactive experiences. It’s all up to you!

Is there parking at Area15?

Is there parking at Area15?

If you’re visiting here with your own vehicle and wondering where to park your car, don’t fret! The good news is Area15 offers free parking! There are plenty of parking spaces around the massive warehouse building, so finding a space shouldn’t be an issue. 

Where should a taxi or rideshare drop you off?

Rideshare drop-off is accessible from Desert Inn Rd. Pick-up is located inside Area15’s parking lot. Rideshare drivers should follow signage for the best directions upon arrival.

What do people think about this immersive entertainment hub?

What do people think about this immersive entertainment hub?

Many local voices like mine hail Area15 as another great addition to Las Vegas and the city’s travel and tourism economy. While there are always the few pessimistic voices mixed in, claiming it’s just another gimmick from a town full of them, LOL! 

What is inside Area15 in Las Vegas?

Area15 is designed to be immersive, with cutting-edge technology and content all around you, so there are so many things that this new experience offers! 

You could walk in for the first time and not expect something extraordinary. Then, leave with a mind-blowing experience!

The creators of Area15 have changed the way we think of traditional entertainment with this gigantic space of immersive entertainment experiences. 

It’s something from the future. 

What Is Area15 Las Vegas?

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What is Las Vegas Area15?