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Las Vegas Weather In January

Las Vegas Weather In January

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Las Vegas in January presents a fascinating contrast, dictated largely by its desert climate. It’s a time when the city experiences chilly nights alongside gloriously sunny days, a combination that might catch visitors off guard if unprepared. This weather dynamic is crucial for anyone planning a Las Vegas vacation or contemplating Las Vegas travel during the winter months. Recognizing how Las Vegas temperature ranges from cold mornings to relatively warm afternoons allows for better planning and a more enjoyable visit.

Is Vegas warm in January?

January in Las Vegas is uniquely influenced by its desert climate, which offers cooler nights and warm, sunny days. Visitors want to be well-informed about the climate to pack appropriately and fully enjoy their travel experience. Preparation is key to making the most of a winter vacation in Las Vegas, from selecting the right clothes to choosing suitable activities.

Is Vegas warm in January?

Lave Vegas weather in January in degrees

Las Vegas weather in January is usually mild, in the low 50s upwards to the mid-70s. Because winters in Vegas do not slow down diverse events that light up the Vegas calendar, from captivating concerts to exciting sports events, ensuring something for everyone who visits Sin City!

Las Vegas In January

What are the coldest months in Las Vegas?

January is likely Vegas’ coolest month, although it’s not cold.

Does it snow in Las Vegas in January?

Though rare, snow showers can grace the city in January, transforming the desert landscape into a brief winter wonderland! This unexpected weather adds a unique twist to the usual Las Vegas experience, offering a chance to witness the city in a different light. 

What is the weather like in Las Vegas in January?

Is 60 degrees cold in Las Vegas? And can you wear shorts in Vegas in January?

The Vegas sun is still working full-time days in January, so 60 degrees F is very comfortable outdoors. Although the winter months in Sin City are ideal for sweater weather, you could easily get away with shorts and a sweatshirt when temperatures in January are 60 and above.

What is the average temperature in Las Vegas in January?

In January, Las Vegas welcomes you with a mild climate, contrasting sharply with its fiery summer temperament.

Las Vegas winter temperature

What is the weather like in Las Vegas in January?

Is Vegas sunny in January?

During this month, the city basks in approximately 10 hours of daylight. Sunrise greets us gloriously and brightly just before 7 am, and the sun bids farewell close to 4:30 pm, casting The Strip and its surroundings in early shadows.

Does it rain a lot in Vegas in January?

It’s always worth reminding winter visitors to Sin City that Las Vegas is still the desert. Although it only rains an average of 28 days a year! It often rains more in January and February, then again in the monsoon season (June-mid September). 

What To Wear In Vegas In January

Do you need a jacket in Vegas in January?

In January, Vegas winter fashion thrives on dressing in layers, and three essential articles of clothing are needed to pull this off seamlessly. One is a lightweight jacket, sometimes needed in the daylight hours but most often at night.
I talk more about what to wear in Vegas in January in my post HERE.

Is January a good time to visit Las Vegas?

Vegas is always a good idea! January-December. In January, the weather is mildly cool, but The Strip, just coming off of its biggest annual celebration, New Year’s Eve, is still fire! With its cool but comfortable temperatures, Las Vegas weather in January encourages the exploration of outdoor activities and attractions that might otherwise be too hot to handle in the summer months.

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Vegas Weather In January