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What To Wear In Vegas In January

What To Wear In Vegas In January

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There are so many things to do in Las Vegas! To have the most memorable experiences, start by ensuring you have clothes that make you look good, feel good, and, most importantly, are comfortable to wear!”

—Shaunda Necole

How should you dress for winter in Las Vegas?

Vegas in January offers a distinct blend of fashion opportunities unique to the city’s vibrant lifestyle. With most activities centered indoors, the winter month provides the perfect canvas for blending glamour with comfort. Here, winters are mild, so you won’t have to worry about extreme cold to dampen your style. Instead, the weather, infused with style, is a chance to shine uniquely!

Outfits for Las Vegas in January
How should I dress for Vegas in January?

From monochromatic pant suits that speak volumes of sophistication to the effortless chic of a colorful maxi dress with a sweater, or the dazzling allure of a faux fur coat with chic pants or a little black dress! Vegas winter fashion is all about making bold statements. The city becomes a fashion runway, enticing visitors to embrace their style fearsomely, distributing winter outfits across a spectrum of elevated womenswear!

Is it cold in Las Vegas in January?

Is it cold in Las Vegas in January?

The mild weather (usually low 50s upwards to the mid-70s), with its cool but comfortable temperatures, encourages exploration of outdoor activities and attractions that might otherwise be too hot to handle in the summer months. Winter in Vegas does not slow down diverse events that light up the calendar, from captivating concerts to exciting sports events, ensuring something for everyone!

Is 60 degrees cold in Las Vegas? And Can you wear shorts in Vegas in January?

The Vegas sun is still working full-time days in January, so 60 degrees F is very comfortable outdoors. Although the winter months in Sin City are ideal for sweater weather, you could easily get away with shorts and a sweatshirt when temperatures in January are 60 and above. I go into more detail about Las Vegas weather in January in my post HERE.

How should you dress for winter in Las Vegas?
What to wear in Vegas in January female

Outfits for Las Vegas in January

Do you need a jacket in Vegas in January?

In January, Vegas what-to-wear winter fashion thrives on dressing in layers, and there are three essential articles of clothing to pull this off seamlessly: 

  1. A stylish pantsuit is perfect for comfortably strolling the iconic Strip, accessorizing elegance at dinner or a show, or creating the perfect ensemble for dynamic play on the casino floor.
  2. colorful maxi dress embraces the city’s mild chill, offering chic comfort for daytime exploration.
  3. Lastly, a chic jacket, blazer, or lightweight coat guarantees a warm and comfortable evening sparkling under the Vegas stars, lights, and dazzling nightlife.
  4. Comfortable footwear ensures you can explore endlessly without a hint of discomfort.

Fall and winter in Vegas are all about peeling off clothing layers from the breezy Strip to enter the buzzing warmth of the casinos and shows. So these four wardrobe pieces for what to pack for Vegas (pantsuit, maxi dress, lightweight jacket, and comfortable shoes) embody comfortable, versatile, timeless, fashionable, and elevated womenswear, ideal for any Vegas adventure. 

Do you need a jacket in Vegas in January?
My Vegas night out outfit

Here’s how to choose what to wear in Vegas in January:

  1. Start by visualizing: Imagine outfits that resonate with your individual taste, are fashion-forward, and, most importantly, comfortable for creating an unforgettable experience.
  2. Then, craft a look steeped in your vision, intertwining both classic and modern flair, symbolizing both heritage fashion and personal expression. 
  3. Pro tip: Consider the sophistication of vibrant colors, patterns, and statement pieces championing Las Vegas’s distinct allure.

In the following posts, I go into detail about what outfits to pack for Vegas with pictures and style guides for inspiration:

Outfit ideas for Vegas in January

When deciding what to wear in Vegas in January, remember the finishing touches for your outfit ideas. Accessories play a crucial role in lifting each Vegas winter fashion ensemble.

From glamorous statement jewelry to elegant clutch bags and if wearing heels, lower ones that are more comfortable still yield a refined, complete look. Envision the transformation statement pieces like a cocktail ring, bold earrings, a standout necklace, stunning eyewear, or an eye-catching belt can engender.

Outfit ideas for Vegas in January
My Vegas comfortable styled outfit

Before stepping into the glitzy glow of Vegas nights, where the neon lights replace the sun’s warm glow, ensure the right outerwear shields you from the slight winter chill. Essential pieces like a warm and cozy pantsuit, the perfect lightweight jacket, and longer dresses like maxi dress styles will wrap the night’s warm and cozy promise around you.

Embrace your comfortable fashion adventures in Vegas in January. Remember, your stylish choices here will echo in pictures and memories beyond The Strip!

What To Wear In Vegas In January
My Vegas casual outfit

What will you wear in Vegas in January?

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What To Wear In Las Vegas In January