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Here’s What To Pack For Vegas

Here’s What To Pack For Vegas

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There are so many things to do in Las Vegas! To have the most memorable experiences, start by ensuring you have clothes that make you look good, feel good, and, most importantly, are comfortable to wear!”

—Shaunda Necole

After nearly 20 years visiting before becoming a resident, I’ve learned that what to pack for Vegas demands a blend of accessory essentials, comfort, and style. And a bit of local expertise!

Casual outfits will escort you through day adventures on The Strip, while a bathing suit is non-negotiable for those ubiquitous pool parties, aka day clubs. At night, dressing up becomes a ritual. Fancy outfits are the ticket to a vibrant nightlife. And despite the desert heat, a light jacket has often saved me from the chill of casino air. 

What do you need for a trip to Vegas?

What do you need for a trip to Vegas?

Surely, the city’s nightly neon lights take their cues from the Las Vegas sun, which shines brightly from January to December! So, when you’re headed to the saucy desert of Las Vegas, with its intense dry heat and radiating sun rays, accessories aren’t just about style. They’re crucial for navigating the desert landscape, which becomes more intense in summer.

So, you’ll want to keep essentials like sunscreen and a good hair conditioner or hair mask in your travel bag. If you’re a hat person, bring them along, too. Stylish but practical, hats can save you from many sunburns!

For evening adventures, a small purse becomes your best friend. It’s perfect for carrying your room key, phone, and lipstick for touch-ups.

Sunglasses? Absolutely essential. They protect your eyes and complete any daytime look. 

Harry Reid International Airport - formerly McCarran

How to pack for 1-7 days in Vegas

Take it from me so you don’t have to learn the hard way that personal care items are crucial for a joyous Vegas trip! A long time ago, I discovered that prepared packing makes for the best trips. For Vegas, a refillable water bottle, hand sanitizer, lotion, and chapstick meant I was prepared for anything Sin City threw my way.

Arriving ready with these necessities also means you’ll save money from buying these things at higher prices on The Strip. And with ibuprofen in your bag, you’ve successfully dodged headaches from the dazzling neon lights and late-night adventures!  (You’re welcome!)

Ladies here’s what to pack for Vegas – 16 must-haves

  1. Sunscreen to combat the Vegas heat.
  2. Sunglasses to protect your eyes and complete your daytime look!
  3. Daily moisturizer with SPF to protect the delicate skin on your face.
  4. Walking shoes that are both cute & comfortable to get around the Vegas strip.
  5. Small crossbody bag to have essentials handy while out and about.
  6. Sweater or light jacket for the chilly desert nights.
  7. Moisturizing hair mask or conditioner to protect your tresses in the Vegas dry heat.
  8. Moisturizing lotion to keep your skin hydrated in the modern desert.
  9. Lip balm because it’s dry out here!
  10. Nightlife outfit – Hello! You are in Vegas.
  11. Bathing suit for pool parties, day clubs, spas, and indoor pools.
  12. Portable phone charger so you don’t miss a memory walking from hotel to hotel along The Strip.
  13. Hats are stylish, practical, and have superior sunburn defense.
  14. Hand sanitizer because there are many public doors to open, plus the slot machines.
  15. Reusable water bottle (collapsable preferred) because – Hello! You’re in the desert.
  16. Ibuprofen or Tylenol so you’re not scrambling to find relief after an epic night out!

*See and shop all 16 must-haves for Vegas HERE.

Las Vegas packing list

Don’t run out of film, LOL! And don’t be the one wishing you packed a portable phone charger! Because Vegas memories deserve to be saved and shared beyond Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

So, for those endless nights and days full of adventure, think about bringing portable tech gear like a selfie stick, Gimbal phone stabilizer, folding tripod, and, of course, a purse-size portable charger. This ensures you’re always ready to snap a photo or share a moment, keeping the vibrant energy of Las Vegas alive in your memories. 

What are you supposed to wear in Vegas?

What are you supposed to wear in Vegas?

The best outfits for strolling through Vegas demand a balance of comfort and class. So, the trick to packing the perfect outfits is finding that sweet spot where comfort meets style.

A go-to first for many women is quality denim, a staple that’s proven its worth. Alongside, lightweight shirts to keep you cool under the desert sun.

Vegas packing list female

What shoes should you pack for Vegas? Comfortable footwear ensures you can explore endlessly without a hint of discomfort.

In the following posts, I go into detail about what outfits to pack for Vegas with pictures and style guides for inspiration:

How to pack for 1-7 days in Vegas

Las Vegas packing list

With over two decades of flights from coastal Virginia to Vegas and now being a Las Vegas local myself, I’ve had plenty of time to come up with the best list of essentials for what to pack for Vegas.

Essential clothing like casual outfits, comfortable walking shoes, and bathing suits, as well as much-needed accessories for style and comfort, like refillable water bottles, moisturizing lotion, and ibuprofen, promise intangible well-being.

Download, screenshot, save, share, or print my Vegas packing list pdf HERE!

Las Vegas Packing List PDF

To help you incorporate this guide into your Vegas journey, I’ve prepared for you a handy-dandy Vegas packing list. Now, cross-reference your selections with these recommendations to ensure you’ve packed all the essentials for an adventure you’ll always remember!

Here’s What To Pack For Vegas

What will you pack for Vegas?

Have you been?

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What To Pack For Vegas