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Las Vegas Weather In April In Degrees

Las Vegas Weather In April In Degrees

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Las Vegas weather in April in degrees

Las Vegas weather in April is a symphony of moderate warmth, with temperatures typically ranging in degrees from the mid-60s to the mid-80s F. It’s the month when spring weather patterns really start to make their presence known, embedding themselves into the Las Vegas desert climate.

Vegas weather in April in degrees

Is April a good time to visit Vegas?

Spring has arrived, and Las Vegas in April is a vibrant hub of entertainment and exciting activities. You can enjoy concerts, comedy shows, and music festivals featuring top artists and comedians.

The city transforms into a central hub for arts and performances, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking for a fun and thrilling experience.

Is April a good time to visit Vegas?

Las Vegas average temperature in April

Does it rain a lot in Vegas in April?

April has brought about severe storms on rare occasions, showcasing the unpredictable climate impact on this desert city. These events stand as a stark reminder of the ever-changing weather this month, which has a blend of pleasant temperatures, including cool, breezy, and hot, and the potential for wind and rain storms. 

Does it rain a lot in Vegas in April?

“April showers bring spring flowers” is a well-known phrase that refers to the idea that the rain in April helps to bring about the growth of new plants and flowers in the spring. However, in desert regions, the phrase might be rewritten as “April showers feed desert cacti” to better reflect these unique areas like Las Vegas.

What to wear in Las Vegas in April? Vegas April Outfit Ideas

What to wear in Las Vegas in April?

Temperatures in Las Vegas in April glide from cool, breezy mornings to sun-drenched afternoons with ease, making it essential to pack for Vegas varying temperatures and occasions

Plan for all events, including Vegas daywear, evening, and swimwear.
I go into more detail about what to wear in Vegas in April in my post HERE.

Can you swim in Vegas in April?

Can you swim in Vegas in April?

In April, Las Vegas gleams under the sun, inviting you to dive into its vibrant day clubs and pool parties. The average temperature high is 81 degrees F, and the pools have been back in season since March, making it an ideal time to enjoy Vegas pools before the crowded summer season.

What time does it get dark in Vegas in April?

Is Vegas cold at night in April?

Do you need a jacket in Vegas in April? Although the days are usually warm, the nights can get cooler. So, I recommend bringing a lightweight jacket (i.e., a jean jacket or a stylish blazer) in case you need to keep warm in the spring desert night.

As we get later into April, Vegas’s desert days tend to blend seamlessly into nights, maintaining comfortably warm temps.

What is Block Party at Area15 Las Vegas?
Here we are at Area15’s Block Party on a warm desert night.

What time does it get dark in Vegas in April?

In April, daylight savings time has already passed, lending you more time for outdoor play in Sin City. The sun rises in Las Vegas at approximately 6:30 am Pacific time and sets at around 7 pm.

Las Vegas Weather In April In Degrees

Unique April weather events in Vegas history

Las Vegas has witnessed its share of remarkable April weather events. Severe storms once left their mark, disrupting life and landscape. A record-breaking temperature high reset expectations for spring weather patterns. Yet another April, snow flurries defied the typical desert climate.

While you won’t need to pack for the rare occasion of snow in Vegas in April, occasionally temperatures soar into the mid-90s! But do plan for all events and occasions and varying spring temperatures, especially from day to night.

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Vegas Weather In April