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What Is Free To Do At Area15 Las Vegas?

What Is Free To Do At Area15 Las Vegas?

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Exploring Area15 on a budget – the free activities guide

In the heart of Las Vegas, just a mile west of the famous Las Vegas Strip, lies Areas15, an experiential entertainment district unrivaled in its variety of interactive entertainment, immersive experiences, and art installations.

What Is Area15 Las Vegas?

This destination offers an array of free activities, making it a haven for those looking to explore Las Vegas entertainment without the burden of excessive costs. The diverse experiences available cater to a multitude of interests, ensuring that every visitor leaves with memorable moments. 

What is inside Area15 in Las Vegas?

What’s inside Area15?

Inside Area15, you’ll find art installations, an indoor golf experience, an Area15 Zipline, dueling axes, the featured attraction Meow Wolf, and so much more! 

Outside are local artist pop-ups, shopping, horse and carriage rides, and stand-alone venues like Las Vegas’ Illuminarium and LIFT-OFF Bar & Ride for a panoramic 360-degree view of the city of Las Vegas and The Strip!

AREA15 Art

Does Area15 cost money?

Area15 offers a rich tapestry of experiential entertainment, but it comes with a price tag. Visitors require Entry Passes, but many experiences lie within a realm that demands no further spending, like roaming the district. This exercise reveals captivating activities and art installations that welcome all.

And the best part?

There’s no cost for exploring!

Area15 Las Vegas things to do for free

Area15 Las Vegas free tickets

  • General admission is mostly free! Doors open daily, inviting explorers of all ages. 
  • Friday and Saturday, an entry fee kicks in after 9 PM, setting you back a mere $15 if you’re 18 or older.
  • You’ll need separate admission tickets for attractions and events inside Area15.
  • Every day, an Entry Pass is required for all guests visiting Area15.
  • Same-day free Entry Passes are available at the door.
  • Get Area15 free Entry Passes before you arrive HERE.
Area15 monumental art installation

5 Area15 free things to do

  1. Roam the campus and take it all in – How long do people spend at Area15 Las Vegas? Whether you’re having a paid experience or roaming around for free, plan for a 90-minute to 2-hour visit. And expect not to see or experience everything in just one trip!
  2. Start outside with the monumental art installations – Area15’s entertainment district dazzles visitors with free, gigantic art pieces, waiting to greet you outside at “Art Island” before you even enter the building! These creations are photo-worthy, and some are even interactive! Offering an immersive experience unlike any other.
  3. Play a scavenger hunt game inside – Create a scavenger hunt game for your family and friends to find all of the attractions inside Area15 in Las Vegas. You can customize the game to play in your own unique way. Check out my post HERE about things to do at Area15 Las Vegas for a list of every venue inside to add to your game!
  4. Make pit stops for the old-fashioned arcade games – Families will love the indoor, family-friendly interactive gaming zones with old-fashioned arcade games and pinball machines! It’s just another blend of art, technology, and play in ways that captivate both young and old even if you don’t pay to play and just stop to appreciate the nostalgia. You’ll find all this and more inside Asylum Bar + Arcade, which also offers weekly free events from karaoke, community meet-ups, and Las Vegas’s favorite local DJs spinning on the decks. (*Note, the second floor is a 21 and up bar and arcade.)
  5. Take a seat to take it all in – There’s plenty of seating and resting areas inside Area15. Before you go, use these spaces to avoid sensory overload and recollect all your senses and experiences from your visit.
Area15 Things To Do In Las Vegas

Area15 pro tips:

  • Visiting Area15 during off-peak hours ensures a more intimate exploration. 
  • Come camera-ready because of everything! Inside and outdoors, it’s a paradise for lovers of art, Instagram-worthy locations, and Las Vegas photography. 
Can You Host A Party At Area15 Las Vegas?

Bonus freebie: Block Party Weekends

Have fun at Area15’s Block Party Weekends with free entry! Join the outdoorsy action beside LIFT-OFF Bar & Ride on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 to midnight.

Enjoy the city’s top food trucks with nightly drink specials while shopping local vendors and artisans. Plus, play classic outdoor games. At the same time, you can dance to the beats of resident DJs and live music!
Check out my post HERE about how to host a party at Area15.

Las Vegas Area15 group packages and events
Here we are on Art Island at Area15.

How to get the most out of your visit

To make the most of Area15’s free activities, I’d suggest visiting on weekdays.

And if the budget allows it, consider blending these no-cost activities with one or two paid experiences, crafting a full-day adventure that doesn’t strain your wallet!

Pro tip: Ask each venue about Nevada resident and military discounts.

Area15 Las Vegas tickets

Your pocket-friendly adventure awaits!

Delving into the vivacious heart of Las Vegas doesn’t imply draining your wallet, especially when Area15 invites you for an odyssey filled with free visual explorations and experiences!

Area15 Art Island

This unique, experiential entertainment district opens its arms wide, offering a realm where art installations meet immersive play. It becomes evident that the thrills of Las Vegas entertainment, the enchantment of Las Vegas art installations, and the allure of Las Vegas nightlife can be savored without spending a dime.

Hence, I encourage you to embark on this pocket-friendly adventure, remembering that the richness of memories stems not from extravagance but from the sheer joy of exploration. 

What Is Free To Do At Area15 Las Vegas?

PS – For anyone asking, “Can you go to Omega Mart for free?”

You can get into Area15 for free, but Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart costs money.

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What Is Free To Do At Area15?