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Can You Host A Party At Area15 Las Vegas?

Can You Host A Party At Area15 Las Vegas?

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Can you celebrate a special occasion at Area15?

Oh yeah, you can, and in the most incredible ways!

Set your conference, party, or performance in a down-the-rabbit-hole wonderland unique to Las Vegas’ Area15! Delving into Area15 offers a thrilling journey, especially for those eager to experience Las Vegas attractions in unique lights.

What Is Area15 Las Vegas?

Area15’s diverse group packages cater to various interests, from concerts to wellness activities. Their unique event packages ensure memorable outings, whether you’re into immersive entertainment or seeking extraordinary urban experiences. Area15 promises a one-of-a-kind memorable experience for all your guests!

Area15 events

Can you get married at Area15?

Yes! After all, Las Vegas is The Wedding Capital of the World. And what Vegas knows best is how to throw a hell of a party! (Why do you think we call it Sin City?)

Can you get married at Area15?

Area15 offers event space for intimate groups of up to 16 people to large-scale events of up to 15,000! This is the perfect unique venue for your wedding, corporate event, party, or banquet celebration.

What is Block Party at Area15 Las Vegas?
Here we are on the outside campus of Area15 for the weekend Block Party.

What is Block Party at Area15 Las Vegas?

You can host your own private party at Area15 or attend the venue’s Block Party that happens on weekends.

The outdoorsy action goes down beside LIFT-OFF Bar & Ride on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 to midnight with the city’s top food trucks, nightly drink specials, local artisan and vendor shopping, plus classic outdoor games.

At the same time, dance to the beats of resident DJs and live music, “Bringing the community together one weekend at a time!”

Las Vegas Area15 event space

Las Vegas Area15 event space

Choose one of Area15’s unique venues, designed to accommodate groups from 15 to 15,000!

Portal An opulent palace or a jungle of mythical beings. Whatever fits your festival fantasy, Area15’s private party room is outfitted with 360-degree projection-mapped walls. Portal is a blank canvas for lush interactive environments that defy the limits of the imagination. If you can dream it, their team of video artists can bring it to life.

With 7,500 square feet, Portal accommodates up to 600 people. 300 for a tabled banquet.

A-Lot – Throw a festival. Throw a concert. A convention. A rave. Because Area15’s A-Lot is a lot of customizable outdoor space! So, you can host your ultimate event under the Vegas skyline. How many people does an Area15 concert hold?

With 32,000 square feet, A-Lot accommodates up to 2,500 people. 1,250 for a tabled banquet.

Odwood – People ask can you get married at Area15? Why yes! And Oddwood is not only an Area15 unique bar. It’s also a striking setting for any event where a twinkling tree takes center stage, whether you say your wedding vows beneath the glowing tree canopy or use it as a headline-grabbing backdrop for your conference or lecture series. This is the perfect event space to make magical memories.

With 2,480 square feet, Odwood accommodates receptions of up to 150 people.

SanctuaryInside, there’s more to this bamboo volcano bar. The airy, organic shape and lush, live greenery can transform into an event space ideal for intimate occasions – ceremonies, workshops, soirees… or close encounters of any kind!

With 2,000 square feet, Sanctuary accommodates receptions of up to 100 people.

LIFT-OFF Bar & Ride Area15 Las Vegas

LIFT-OFF Bar & Ride – Go beyond a personal ride and step into the perfect space for intimate events, cocktail hours, team building, or anything you can imagine. Enjoy a lounge, full bar, and catered options complete with customizable lights and sound. A panoramic skyline experience of Las Vegas is an added bonus!

With 3,750 square feet, LIFT-OFF accommodates up to 165 people.

The Wall – The perfect for corporate gatherings, special occasions, intimate weddings, birthday parties, and other small events. The understated industrial-inspired space is illuminated by a large LED screen that can become the focal point of your event or create any environment or vibe.

With 3,000 square feet, The Wall accommodates receptions of up to 150 people. 80 for a tabled banquet.

Host a party not to be missed at Area15 Las Vegas!

Host a party not to be missed!

The journey through Area15 offers much more than just events. This is where you can truly dive into a spectrum of activities. From exploring alternate realities to enjoying dining experiences that blend retro vibes with futuristic thrills, there’s something to captivate every visitor. 

Experience passes unlock levels of adventure you never thought possible, cementing Area15 as the best attraction in Las Vegas for those eager to play, party, and expand their minds. 

Embrace the opportunity to transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary exploration. Let Area15 be the backdrop to your unforgettable Las Vegas story.

Can You Host A Party At Area15 Las Vegas?

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Can you host a party at Las Vegas Area15?